Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year (as understood by the western calendars), Brainwashed Coil pages updates, a "one day only" kind of treat, WSB to make up for't?!

So, yes.
Happy New Year to one and all, as I'm still stuck in this here collective calendar.
Hope this finds you well.
Brainwashed is in process. From the Coil News page:
"December, 2008
Site Updates
It has been a long time since this site had some updates. Thanks for your patience while it has undergone a facelift and is slowly transitioning over old archives to new formats. In the meanwhile, the discography has been updated in the music section and will continue to be updated through the end of the year. Keep coming back for more features.
Threshold House
Apologies for the downtime on The shop however is still open at
Peter Christopherson made his first performance in the Americas at Brainwaves 2008 as Threshold Houseboys Choir. On sale was the Threshold Hosueboys Choir Amulet Edition 4xCD3 set; an exclusive track, "Cap Rot Taxi" appears on the Brainwaves 2008 3xCD compilation; and a radio interview can be heard in its entirety on the Brainwashed Podcast for a limited time.
Peter is back in Bangkok and is completing the SoiSong album with Ivan Pavlov at this time."

Thank the gods for brainwashed:)

For a VERY limited time, have a listen to Ape LP(for comparison purposes for those whom cannot afford it, now that ThresholdHouse is the only one with any copies YOU SHOULD GO AND BUY THIS BOXSET IF YOU HAVE THE AVAILABLE FUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :
Really and Truly, this is a present from me. I had to scrape and save to buy this from Important. I love this musical entity and wish to share that feeling with you all. For what may be a few hours only...

And so the latecomers don't feel empty-handed, some Uncle Bill.

On the label Grey Matter

Transferred from the vinyl. I love the sound of William's voice with the ambient sounds of vinyl.

Good Stuffs.

From Discogs:

Tracks 1-8 recorded & edited by Ian Sommerville in Paris, May 1965. Released as Call Me Burroughs by Gaît Frogé's English Book Shop, Paris in October 1965. Track 9 recorded in London, 1970. Released in October 1971 on a one-sided LP with accompanying book in an edition of 99 copies by Unicorn Press, Brighton. The texts are taken, sometimes in a substantially different form, from the following sources: Tracks 1 & 2 from Naked Lunch 3, 4, 7, 8 from Nova Express 5 from The Ticket That Exploded 6 from The Soft Machine 9 from Exterminator! Front cover calligraphy by William Burroughs from the 1959 Olympia Press edition of Naked Lunch"

So that's it.

Again, the Ape is for comparison only and IS NOT the complete box, only APE.

A veritable pox on any whom abuse my gift!

GoTo Threshold House Greedbag to purchase The New Backwards, although you SHOULD have a copy already if you're reading this:)