Sunday, March 30, 2008

Have you heard The New Backwards?

*****18 Aprille Note:
As announced earlier in the week (and in the comments below) The New Backwards is now available for DL from Threshold House
****2 Aprille Note:
I have knocked this down to one track, due to my conscience.
The album, though "The New Backwards" is streamable as tracks at my Mog page.
I would hope you understand.
and now back to the original post.****
Do you remember how the vinyls were sidereal and the cds straight forward? I can't speak to that for this, as I have no turntable currently, nor have I yet heard the Ape tracks in this set, nor has The New Backwards yet been released on cd. What I have heard and what has been pretty much the only music to which I have listened since this past Wednesday is The New Backwards from within The Ape Of Naples Box thanks to a kind friend with turntable and the means to transfer.
Absolutely brilliant. Please take a moment to scope out Jonathon Dean's review at Brainwashed (link provided below). I've included his comments from the list without permission, but they are so spot on, I had to share the knowledge.
What I cannot share is the entire album, as the cd with extra tracks is imminent and I have too much respect for Sleazy and the memory of John to do so.

Album now available for Download at ThresholdHouse
It is a wav file. I do not have permission for this. The link will be dead when a date of release is announced. Please support the bands you love and purchase their musicks.
(from a recent thread on the coil list. author j. dean who's review of The New Backwards can be found at Brainwashed)> "While researching my review of The New Backwards, I found out some information about the exact timeline of the famous "Backwards demos" that might be common knowledge to some veteran Coil fans, but was new to me.For a long time, I had labored under the assumption that the so-called "Backwards" demos were recorded in New Orleans, at Trent Reznor's studio, and represented work done by Coil intended for an album called "Backwards" to be released on Nothing Records. This was my impression, and while I can't point to any one source for this, I thought this was the accepted version of things. Turns out that this is very wrong.The demo tape containing Elves, Egyptian Basses, Simenon, Crumb Time, etc. etc. is actually from the very early 1990s, from sessions recorded not long after LSD, in the UK. These demos were recorded for Torso Records and were leaked very soon after, and the bootlegs have been making the rounds ever since. As everyone knows, these demo recordings were instrumental, and though they are often great, are more like rough sketches than finished compositions.After doing these demos, Coil got sidetracked with other projects like Black Light District and other things that seemed to them more interesting to pursue at the time. The demos sat dormant, for the most part, until...Some vocals and extra bits were recorded 5-6 years later, in the mid-1990s when the Coil/NIN connection happened. "Cold Cell" and "AYOR" and (I think...) a version of "Fire of the Mind" (maybe also "The Test," "Sex With Sun Ra" and a few other tracks) were recorded around this time, but shelved indefinitely, except for a few things that got out via Songs of the Week or comp contributions.The album names Backwards/International Dark Skies/God Please Fuck My Mind For Good/The World Ended A Long Time Ago were all announced or rumored at one point or another, but it was basically the creative second-guessing of fans that conflated these names with the Torso demos and (to some extent) the Nothing Records album, as if they were all the same thing, a sort of Freudian dream condensation of all the things Coil hadn't finished yet.Then right towards the end, about 2002-3, some more recording sessions were held with the intention of bringing some of these tracks to completion. This is probably where vocals like "Nature is a Language," "The Most Accomplished Surgeon," etc. came from.Everything wasn't put together and finished until Sleazy and Danny Hyde returned to the material in 2007.So TNB actually represents an almagamation of recordings made over a period of nearly 18 years, many different time periods and recording sessions that were never necessarily meant to go together. In this sense, TNB is even more impressive than it seemed at first to me, as a work of creative synthesis, a recovery and resuscitation of a pile of mismatched fragments and abandoned ideas and sketches."
Because God Told Me To Do It gave a great update a few months ago regarding this set. If you've any questions about it regarding tracklistings and such, please check his post or go directly to Important Records . Who knows, they may still have a set left. Haven't heard of it's status from them.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm feelin' like a megalith on a manic spree...and words from little birds

This release at Discogs
This is Coil's live performance at Megalithomania!, an event which took place on October 12th, 2002 at The Conway Hall in London and was released as bonus in the Coil Live boxset entitled The Key To Joy Is Disobedience.
John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra, Ossian Brown, Danny Hyde - sound.
Again from J. Dean via Brainwashed:
"It's a very nice bonus indeed, as this performance is unique among Coil's live history, and marks a sort of turning point for the group. Megalithomania! was a celebration of sacred sites and standing stones as expressed through history, folklore, art and sound. Basically, everything that Julian Cope was on about in his mammoth tome "The Modern Antiquarian." For this special event, Coil performed a long, drawn-out permutation on "The Universe is a Haunted House," turning the piece into a slowly evolving ambient sound sculpture involving the ghostly sound of water droplets, quietly droning synths, and a particularly spectral vocal improvisation from Balance."
Do check out Mr. Dean's knowledge on this release at the link provided.
This is, of course, out of print, but an oh-so-necessary part of the Coil Live experience.
Potentially on Colour Sound Oblivion, as with the other Coil Live representations here, this will be removed when CSO is released.
Speaking of Coil releases, little bird little bird chirps:
The New Backwards cd should be soon (3 tracks more than the vinyl).
Moon's Milk bonus disc soon. Moon's Milk box with book of John's paintings a little later.
Time Machines rerelease with extra disc of molecules perhaps around Yule or thereafter.
CSO - not yet.
So there, me hearties, a lovely Spring to all.
Selah. @256
Megalithomania! at Wiki

It's been awhile: Decayed Restitution and such...

Well hell. Took me this long to get the damned laptop to the doctor and back and so here I am again.

Let's see...

Hi, how are you?

I'm not dead yet, although me 'n death have this understanding regarding time and it's properties on humans.

Of course everything changes and everyone dies, but y'all knew that.

I've been loving the DIJ Brown Book special edition, The Ape Of Naples boxset, odd bits here and there, and though I haven't had time to really comment or even share, it gives me great good hope to know good music will never die, but what happens when humans no longer need ears?:)

So, all that aside, what say we begin again.


The Restitution Of Decayed Intelligence. Part I Part II

Great listening, though as always, you don't have to take my word for it:

J. Dean had this to say at Brainwashed (follow the link for his full review)

"If anyone could make something as dry and academic as Musique ConcrĂȘte into intense, ferociously sexy ear candy, it would have to be Peter Cristopherson and John Balance. This release is the duo's contribution to Beta-Lactam Ring Records' terrific Lactamase series: a subscription series of twelve 10" vinyl records by some of today's best and brightest underground, avant-garde and esoteric musical projects. The series has included some amazing releases from Edward Ka-Spel, Volcano the Bear and Tony Conrad, but the most highly anticipated release is certainly Coil's masterful grand finale to the series. Coil's two-sided 10" occupies a unique place in their discography. It is a truly awe-inspiring tangent into the rarefied realm of musique concrĂȘte abstractionists such as Iannis Xenakis, Tod Dockstader and Luc Ferrari. There has always been an element of these musical progenitors in Coil's musick, but their penchant for structured, vocal-driven "songs" have prevented them from ever fully engaging their abstruse tendencies. Both sides of the 10" use the same basic sounds and techniques, but the sculpturing takes different forms on either side..."

Infos on this release at Wiki and at Discogs