Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colour Sound Oblivion

It has arrived. The advance and pre-order editions are in the people's hands.
On ebay, numbers 666, 777, 888, and 1000 will be offered, proceeds going to benefit the Jhonn Balance Memorial Fund.
The regular edition is imminently due. Infos at ThresholdHouse.
With that in mind, I will pull all links for those shows represented in CSO.
For those whom weren't aware, discs 15/16 (The Coil Reconstruction Kit) have been uploaded to under a Creative Commons license. These comprise all visuals and backing tracks used for the Coil Live shows from 2000 - 2004.
I have not yet had the chance to go through all, but most of it, and may I say it is the finest record of Coil I could possibly have imagined, and then some.
I will be posting my thoughts upon completion.

CSO at Discogs
DVD contents:

DVD1 Air Gallery, London, 1983-08-24 (CSO 1)
DVD2 Sonar, Barcelona, 2000-06-17 (CSO 2)
DVD3 Convergence, New York, 2001-08-18 (CSO 3)
DVD4 DK Gorbunova, Moscow, 2001-09-15 (CSO 4)
DVD5 Teatro Delle Celebrazioni, Bologna, 2002-04-06 (CSO 5)
DVD6 New Forms, Den Haag, 2002-06-07 (CSO 6)
DVD7 Flex, Vienna (+ Prague), 2002-10-29 (CSO 7)
DVD8 Vagonka, Konigsberg, 2002-09-29 (CSO 8)
DVD9 Ydrogeios, Thessaloniki, 2002-10-05 (CSO 9)
DVD10 Mutek, Montreal, 2003-05-29 (CSO 10)
DVD11 La Loco, Paris, 2004-05-23 (CSO 11)
DVD12 Melkweg, Amsterdam, 2004-06-03 (CSO 12)
DVD13 (Selvagina), Jesi, 2004-06-11 (CSO 13)
DVD14 City Hall, Dublin, 2004-10-23 (CSO 14)
DVD15 The Coil Reconstruction Kit Disc One (CSO 15)
DVD16 The Coil Reconstruction Kit Disc Two (CSO 16)

ATP 10 the Sunn O))) experience

Well damn. Only just now am I hearing this fully. (snippets at youtube being the only other I had heard.)
A participant had this to say at their page:

"Sunn O)))'s performance was, despite the thunderous volume, only just loud enough to drown out the sound of a thousand minds being blown. Drawing on their recent album-of-the-year contender Monoliths and Dimensions they delivered what must surely be the show of the year, mixing its ferocious guitar textures with faint traces of cello and trombone, a vocal peformance to remember from Attila Csahar, and lashings of pure theatre. Oh, and dry ice. Lots of it. Down at the front it was difficult at times to see the person standing next to you never mind anyone on stage as huge clouds of the stuff billowed Csahar's robes. He was a demonic presence, possessed of an astonishing voice: moaning, growling, splitting notes Tuvan-style, shrieking metallically, even singing sometimes, and imbuing what could have been preposterous Tap tosh with a sense of real drama. He chanted the Hungarian subtitle to "Big Church" as if in sacrificial ceremony, kneeling down at the feet of Stephen O'Malley, holding up an outstretched claw and screaming. After a riff-heavy mid-section Csahar returned to the stage dressed as OH GOD I THINK I'VE GONE COMPLETELY INSANE. In the dark and smoke we could just about make out a figure wearing a cloak of mirrors, a metallic crown, and lasers on his fingers, an outfit that Lady Gaga would have rejected as "too much". This was a ludicrous and yet utterly compelling voyage across a boundary into a new dimension of the mind, with Csahar oddly convincing as the embodiment of some sort of chemically-enhanced nightmare. At the intense finale (the near-impenetrable dry ice added to a claustrophobic sensation), the sound was abruptly cut, the lights came on, the guitarists hung their guitars from the roof and there was an audible (even through earplugs) THUMP as Csahar collapsed to the ground as if dead. All within the space of about a second. This was an act of theatrical bravado which drew gasps from the assembled, and possibly the greatest ending to any show I've seen."

...and having listened, I concur and wish I could have seen in person.

All thanks to BC for the access. I greatly appreciate it!

Skullflower Supersonic Saturday 25 July 2009

StrangeGlue had this to say:

"What would have happened if the (apparent) mainman of Skullflower had not detected a “bass hum” that he clearly felt was ruining their set? He interrupted their wall of feedback after five minutes to snap at the sound engineer and insist that each member of the three piece group turn up their instruments slowly to discover the source of the seemingly grave offence."

1 is the lead-up to the interruption. 2 is the continuation after. In the pics, as usual.

Drowned In Sound mused before attending:

" More drones from Matthew Bower’s principle vehicle of the last two decades. As with many of their peers, Skullflower combine a hefty lifespan with a virtual total change in personnel since their glory days, and this latest incarnation is actually closer in spirit and sound to Bower’s Hototogisu project than the bag who first emerged on Broken Flag in the last Eighties. Let’s hope for this set they dole out some of the loopier psyche doom of their earlier days along with the slightly more staid later material. "

All thanks to BC for access!

Matt Bower at Wiki and Discogs
Skullflower at micepace (unofficial)