Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zos Kia Coil Silence & Secrecy (Live Magenta Club 5 August 1983)

From Coil Live at Wiki :

"Experimental music group Coil's live incarnation has a distinct legacy of its own. The initial performances took place in 1983, however they stopped playing live for 16 years after a mere four performances. The first Coil release, a collaboration with Zos Kia titled Transparent, includes a track from the first Coil performance as well as the last 1983 performance. According to the liner notes of Transparent, during Coil's second performance, which was videotaped by Peter Christopherson, John Gosling pees on John Balance. Nick Cave, who was in the audience at the time, promptly left[1]. Marc Almond is also credited for performing that night while Christopherson is only credited for providing back up tapes during the event."

This, then, is the second night's performance. All thanks to Sleazy for permission and F for access.

Coil proper Coil at Rare Vinyl Network

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bruce Haack Alert

Heino und Jerry im Uber Space has posted The Electric Lucifer coupled with some fantastic images and some lovely YouTube clips featuring our Mr. Haack in the presence of one Fred (Mr.) Rogers. I knew I loved that program. (For those not in the U.S. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was a long-lived children's program on Public Broadcasting Service that featured some great things for kids and their parents.)

At any rate, check it/them out. Highly Recommended!

ELpH Live Volksbuehne, Berlin (14 December 1999)

From Coil at Answers :

"Coil's live incarnation has a distinct legacy of its own. The first live shows took place in 1983, but after only four performances, sixteen years would pass before they would play together again.[4]
On December 14 1999 Coil performed Elph.zwölf at Volksbuehne in Berlin. Although the performance lasted just under eighteen minutes, it marked the beginning of a new era of live performances. Coil would go on to perform close to fifty additional concerts, with varied set lists as well as performers."

Here, then, is that performance as ELpH in 1999, the first live edition of Coil since 1983.

Brief but powerful, this takes the same musical path their contribution to the Raster-Noton 20' to 2000 series travelled and was a precursor of many sounds in a live milieu to grace the oeuvre of Coil. A must for the completist ; a brief introduction to the abilities of Sleazy and Jhonn to take simple components of sound and weave them together into a magickal aural tapestry for the novice.

A huge thank you to F without whom I would never have been able to hear this, let alone share.

Above image from Brainwashed gallery and is shown to be ELpH.
The below image and link are for a Sleazy project not yet realised.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Porto, Portugal June 21st, 2003 Casa da Música Festival

[Blue Rats, Triple Sun, Radio Westin, Drip Drop, The First Five Minutes After Death]
No Balance.
An interesting companion to the also Balance-less Mutek , currently at Because God Told Me To Do It
Oh what a difference a few weeks makes.
The above image is some manner of promo photo, culled from Discogs.

The below image is a sticker of foreshadow. Soon, very soon...(and culled from Brainwashed Gallery)
"An "authorized bootleg" of Coil's live performance in Porto, Portugal on June 21st, 2003 was released on CD in September via unknown sources..."
I believe that the referenced bootleg had track separation and related artwork. It is still available from some retailers, should you want the packaging.
It's possible, too, this will be part of CSO. If that happens, not only will the official release sound better, this post will be moot.
Currently available as download through Threshold House

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tubercular Bells (Somnambulance to Dream General) excerpts

From the insert:
This release is composed of forgotten, lost, incomplete and abandoned tracks recorded between 2002 to 2006.This compilation of 'Lost and Found' was compiled for an excursion to the USA in June 2006 and released in an edition of 100 CDrs.
All tracks are previously unreleased except track 10 which previously appeared on the compilation album 'Il Programma Di Religione'
*1. A Little Chittagonian Lascar Barefoot and Starving
2. Another Journey
3. As and When
*4. A Simple Piano
*5. Not for the Price of a Hat
6. Soap Stone Sugar Rocks (A Dumb Admirer of Genius)
7. Waste Disposal Chute to the Afterlife (Reversal Changed)
8. Jamais Vu or Ugly People in Love
9. Rattle Snake Boots with Crocodile Epaulettes
10. Benedict XV (1914-22)
*11. On our Way
*12. Unsanitary Conditions
13. The Bombardier Sings (A Norwegian in Poland)
14. The Mind as an Engine That Hitherto Ceases to Function Correctly - Remix
15. Zyphon goes to Bo Bo
*16. You should have told me first
*17. Somnambulance to Dream General
18. Jerusalem

Andrew Liles Site
The Liles site lists an upcoming title of Somnambulance To Dream General.
Klanggallerie , as referenced in the comments (thanks again for keeping me honest:) and had I done proper sleuthing would have readily found, has this to say:
"Originally released in a microscopic edition on CD-R only, this masterpiece is presented to you now as a proper Cd with stunning artwork. Three bonus tracks have been added to the original album and what you get is Mr. Liles at his very best! Planned as a collection of obscure and leftover tracks, Somnambulants is an amazing testament of Andrew Liles' skills as a modern composer. A must-have from this member of Nurse With Wound, The wardrobe and The Vortex Vault."
Indeed. Had I known this would see the light of day in a new pressing, I STILL would have purchased the CDR. Fantastic sounds amid minimalist piano and more, Liles lists this title's rerelease as Winter 'o7, while Klanggallerie has early '08. Either way, definitely a piece worth seeking out.
Excerpted tracks are highlighted with an asterisk (*) on the above listing.
So, please give a listen, as this alchemist of sound wends his way through the everyday, finding and extracting the extraordinary. And be sure to keep an eye out for the release of Somnambulance... It'll be limited to 500 according to Klanggallerie.

Gent 2-4-02

With the blessings of Sleazy , the live incarnations continue.

Gent, Belgium 2 Aprille 2002

Queer Wolf

Amethyst Deceivers


A Cold Cell


Paranoid Inlay



Easily one of my favourite sets. Balance's vocals transend space and time, much like the sonic forces generated behind/around him.

Single track. 192

Coil Site Coil live infos from here to here.

While you're at it, swing by Because God Told Me To Do It whom has just added the Mutek '03 show. To see other Coil postings on Wassonii, please go here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Live In Thessaloniki 5 October 2002

Available on CSO

Sine Waves (I Am Angie Bowie)
Last Rites Of Spring
Are You Shivering
Amethyst Deceivers
A Warning From The Sun
Untitled (Never Turn The Lights On In A Dark Room)
Ostia (Death Of Pasolini)
I Don't Want To Be The One
Bang Bang (absent from this recording)
Captain Bart Welcomes You Aboard Flight 23 (Because God Told Me To Do It)
Archival. 192.
Other fantastic shows including Supersonic '03 , the recently added Leipzig '01 and a few others can be found at Because God Told Me To Do It.
Coil Site
Thessaloniki also to be found in parts at YouTube

Mything Pieces IV

Interviews from around the world, from 1964 - 1967.
Humour always at the ready, it's refreshing to hear an entire program rather than a poor edit.
Final disc of this set. Further infos on this disc and set.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Blessed Be. RIP Dirk/Cities On Flame...

From this mortal coil to the next.
Pay Your Respects.
I know he hipped me to some beautiful sonic madness.
Blessed Be, good sir.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Technicolour Dreaming in Field Grey For Day in S.A. 6/XII/06

Super low kbps, but an interesting archive piece, nonetheless. In which Douglas P guest DJs for Three D Radio 93.7FM, from Adelaide, South Australia for a day.
Douglas P Discogs
Douglas P Wiki
Playlist for "Technicolour Dreaming in Field Grey For Day in S.A." 6/XII/06
DEATH IN JUNE - 'Come Before Christ And Murder Love' - bonus unreleased version from The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Edition CD.
LOVE - 'Your Mind And Me Belong Together' - taken from the 'She Comes In Colors' compilation.
DEATH IN JUNE - 'Break The Black Ice' - bonus version from The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Edition.
THE TORNADOES - 'Telstar'- taken from The Amazing World Of Joe Meek CD.
PSYCHIC TV - 'Roman P.' original Sordide Sentimental 7" recording.
BRIAN JONES TOWN MASSACRE - 'Nevertheless'- taken from the excellent Bravery, Repetition and Noise CD.
VON THRONSTAHL - 'Runes And Men' - a brilliant cover version of this DIJ classic taken from the equally excellent Mutter Der Schmerzen CD e.p.
LOVETONES - 'Was I There In Your Future?' (Station choice)- from the Meditations album.
G.G. Allin - 'Pirate Hunters' - taken from the Death Trip CD
DEATH IN JUNE - 'ROCKING HORSE NIGHT' - bonus unreleased version from The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Edition.
LUFTWAFFE - 'The Scent Of The Vanquished' - taken from the Event Nihility CD.
CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG - 'Lemon Incest' - from the album of the same name.
DERNIERE VOLONTE - 'Douce Hirondelle' from the absolutely brilliant album issued on Albin's Hau Ruck label called Devant Le Miroir.
BLACK BOX RECORDER - 'Rock 'n' Roll Suicide'(Station Choice)
CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG - 'AF607105' - taken from the new 5.55 album.
SCOTT WALKER - 'Darkness' - (Station choice) taken from 'The Plague' 4AD compilation.
T.REX - 'Get It On'
THE BEATLES - 1968 (?) Yuletide jingle from a fanclub recording.

Live Barbican 27 April 2002

"Beware Beware The Black Shadow Of Cher.She Walks This Land She Stalks This Land.Cher Made Of Anti-Matter. With Real Hair."

Live Coil Info here To Here

Queer Wolf
Amethyst Deceivers
A Cold Cell
Cher Interlude
Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window
Captain Bart Welcomes You Aboard Flight 23

Above photo found here and from Bologna 2002.
Ticket Photo Source.