Saturday, June 30, 2007

A True Legend

Tracklist and infos here and here

As you'll see, a number of the tracks on this release are from the Barrett Tapes and as such I have left them out. Great archival piece which includes some collaboration with Ravi Shankar, a rehearsal with Paul Simon for their Saturday Night Live performance in '76, as well as George's thoughts on his black Gretsch. Definitely for the fan, as some tape noise and other audio issues preclude it from audiophile categorisation. Worth a listen, for sure!

Friday, June 29, 2007

As Nature Intended

Though certainly not the Complete Rooftop Sessions, still a very good stereo recording of the tracks listed. Add to that Glyn John's First Mix, and it's one very nice artifact of one of the finest rock and roll acts in the world.
Good info here and here.

Liner notes from the Complete Rooftop Session (a different item than this)
"The Beatles were going to make a documentary film of themselves producing a TV show and writing a bunch of new songs for their next album, which was to be a return to their roots of the rocking days. This was probably inspired by the emergence of The Band, straightforward, downhome and everyone's favourite name to drop at the time.With a working title of "Get Back" rehearsals began at Twickenham studios on January the 2nd, 1969. The project quickly ran into trouble, George Harrison walked out after eight days complaining of continual criticism from Paul McCartney. However, he returned a week later. The TV show idea had to be dumped because they couldn't find a suitable location. They thought about hiring an ocean liner, but somewhere along the line that idea was also shelved, along with a number of other exotic suggestions. But it was John Lennon's suggestion to record a selection of songs in the controlled atmosphere of a studio.At this time, plans were made to turn the roof at No 3 Saville Row, the Apple Corps HQ, into a tranquil roof garden, and so Ringo Starr and Michael Lindsay-Hogg decided to take a look. It seemed ideal for what they had in mind.The Beatles last ever public concert took place around mid-day on Thursday January the 30th and lasted a full 42 minutes, and may well have gone on longer had it not been for the complaints of the neighbour, Stanley Davis. The wool merchant next door was not a Beatles fan so it seemed. He was quoted as saying "I want this bloody noise stopped. It's an absolute disgrace". But the banker, Alan Pulverness, at the end of the street was kinder, he said "Some people just can't appreciate good music".The film won an Oscar for best musical score and it was presented to Paul McCartney by non-other than John Wayne, Big Leggy. But by the time it was premiered on May the 13th, 1970, The Beatles had split. The dream was over..."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let There Be Thorns EP

Out of print, but still available from Rose McDowall's site (so please go support the artist directly.) Beautiful and concise. With support from Mssrs. Michael Cashmore and J. Budenholzer on two tracks, there is much here, though it is short.
A more fitting end to the project of Sorrow.
Let There Be Thorns
Devil's Plaything Featuring - Joseph Budenholzer
A Garland From The Moon Featuring - Michael Cashmore
The Poppy Head

Sorrow at Discogs
Rose McDowall

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rat Tapes One

Subtitled "an accumulation of discarded musical vermin 1983-2006 "
All tracks are untitled, save for their length. Track one is a mad manipulation of "Black Is The Colour..." from "She And Me..." that I warned you about with this post.
Fans will recognise sounds from throughout the years, all warped into and through each other. Nice twisted portions from the "Thunder Perfect Mind" sessions, crazy prog sensations, and musical oddities throughout, this is limited to 1000, and still available here and there; pick it up if you can.
Rat Tapes One At Discogs

Sleeve Notes: artwork: Steven Stapleton layout: Matthew Waldron thanks to: Ken Garwood, Jim Haynes, Colin Potter , David Tibet special thanks to: Matthew Waldron (aw, shucks)
Notes: From James Schidlowsky: Track 14's lyrics are from Frank Zappa's "Trouble Every Day" off his 1966 debut album "Freak Out!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tiny Tim With The New Duncan Imperials Live In Chicago

1 Are You Lonesome Tonight
2 When I Grow Old
3 Mother
4 Tennessee Waltz / Back In The Saddle
5 Your Cheating Heart
6 Tip Toe Through The Tulips / Lollipop
7 Rock Around The Clock
8 Tip Toe (reprise)
9 Highway To Hell
10 Great Balls Of Fire
11 I Believe
12 When The Saints Go Marching In
From the liner notes:
"It wasn't hard to miss Tiny Tim at O'Hare International when I went to pick him up.
He was standing there with his ukulele in a shopping bag, looking confused, and wearing a bright polyester suit. His long gree-streaked hair was matted down from the 18-hour flight from Australia, where he had just finished a month-long engagement. He hadn't slept inthree days, but he was ready for two nights of live music in Chicago with my band, The New Duncan Imperials.
We jumped into my Honda and Tiny immediately pulled out his uke. Strumming it lovingly, he began to tell me about all the songs he would be playing with us. "These are the great songs, the wonderful songs from the teens, twenties, and thirties. Beautiful songs!" "Okay," I said, "sounds good."
We headed straight to the studios of WGN Radio, and while walking down Michigan Avenue, no less than two cabbies screeched to a halt to get his autograph. Tiny was polite and professional. When the television crew from Fox showed up he was natural and comfortable. Obviously TV is old hat for a star of his stature.
Everyone in town was geared up for Tiny's performance. A legend since 1969, Tiny pops up everywhere: old Laugh-In reruns, Conan, Howard Stern, Leno, etcetera. His fans have certainly not forgotten him. After two nights on stage with him i know why: Tiny Tim still rocks! By the end of the second night, during a demented encore of Tip Toe through The Tulips, Tiny was rolling around on the small stage, arms and legs in the air, eyes shut tight in ecstasy. Show business! I hope you enjoy listening to this fine document as much as we enjoyed making it. As Tiny would say, "Maestro, the key of A..." " - Skipper, March 1995
"Recorded Thursday night, December 9, 1993, at Quicksilver in Chicago. No Overdubs necessary or possible."
From Pravda Music / Bughouse Records: (and apparently still available there. Check It!)
"Tiny Tim! International recording star, television personality, master ukulele player, and film star has finally taken the plunge and consented to recording a live record - with a band! And not just any band, but the only band brave enough to share the stage with a living legend who uses no set list and calls out songs after he's started them - The New Duncan Imperials!
Back in 1993 - soon after meeting The New Duncan Imperials at a truck stop outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Tiny Tim came to Chicago to entertain his loyal fans and friends and put it all on tape for release on Bughouse. The hectic schedule of an entertainer with too many engagements and too little time limited his Chicago appearance to only two nights, and the best of those performances are compiled right here on Tiny Tim with The New Duncan Imperials - Live in Chicago. This is the second release on the Pravda subsidary Bughouse Records, a label devoted to rightcheous rock mayhem of the highest caliber. Where else can you hear "Tip Toe Through the Tulips", followed by "Great Balls of Fire" followed by AC/DC's "Highway to Hell", all played on ukulele?"
An artifact, for sure, but a rip-roaring one. Definitely not from the soundboard, so all ambience is preserved. If you like Tiny. a good piece to have. If you are new to Tiny, check out my other entries first. If you don't like Tiny Tim, why the hell are you still reading:)
May God bless the aeternal troubadour!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Bonus Disc

Please note: This disc is now available separately from Soleilmoon. (wassonii 6 Sept. 08)
Death In June

Come Before Christ And Murder Love (2006)
Love Murder (Corn Years)
Break The Black Ice (Corn Years)
Rocking Horse Night (2006)
Torture By Roses (2006)
Rule Again (Corn Years)

The stone box edition is sold out and I believe this disc to be inherent to that release.
If you can find one, this is a beautiful presentation containing a nice artifact regarding the transitioning sound of DIJ. The "regular"reissue of TWTS proper is available either by itself through i-tunes, so check them out. Support your favourite artists if able!
The songs from The Corn Years have been remastered, but are otherwise identical to that release (way OOP). The 2006 tracks are beautiful and simply approached, allowing the songs and voice to be absorbed.
Check the killer mp3 player at the DIJ site.
Anyone have some Scorpion Wind to share?:)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Straight To Hell Bonus Track

I've been thinking about this for a few years; the coupling of industrial/drone with American Country music. Seriously:) It's always been there, hidden, from autoharp drone to sympathetic tones in the banjo and the multitude of sounds from other "traditional" instruments adapted to American song-styling (ala the route jazz took, has taken, is taking), but someone genuinely from the genre twisting their sounds while maintaining integrity- usually it comes off as a bad trip or some sort of novelty. While most country fans will/have tossed this track aside for those reasons, I ask that you take a moment to give a listen. "Hidden" as track 2, this 42 minute piece has found sounds and uneasiness giving way to spectral plectoral familiarity and soothing vox of times from a past likely to not be heard from again. Channeling Sr. at times, Shelton Hank Williams leaves the recorder going and among the chaos and manipulation, demos of a few of his tracks, a Wayne Hancock song, and a stellar cover of Up In Smoke, all surrounded by track manipulation and twists. Seriously, give it a gander. The rest of this album is straight-forward Hank III and worth every penny. If you are fortunate enough to catch his live show with The Damn Band and Assjack, go. For the first leg of this Summer's tour, Jim Goad's outfit will be opening. Then later, Hank opens for The Reverend Horton Heat.
You have been informed.

John Barrett Vol. 4 - How Do You Do It?

Tracklist and Infos here and here

Well, I goofed, but only a little:) Turns out that as I was preparing tracks for the Vol. 1 upload, I inadvertently dropped some of the George Harrison in here(part 2). Please forgive.

This is the last of the Barrett I own. There appears to be a Vol. 8 listed on BLZ and is labelled "Sessions", being the precursor to Anthology that Barrett compiled back in 82.

Contained herein are some more Barrett treatments of Get Back Sessions and odds and ends, some culled for the Abbey Road Video Show. Very nice to the ear holes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

She And Me Fall Together In Free Death

A fantastic Nurse piece. The review excerpt below is apt and I can only add that this is the first appearance of Stapleton as lead vocalist(Black is the Color... note: this tracked gets severely treated on Rat Tapes One, which I'll get around to posting). Brilliant!
Good to hear, but nothing like holding the actual piece of work in your hands. I believe still available at BlR(follow link below)
Following info culled from Brainwashed
Tracks :
1 She and Me Fall Together Like Free Death
2 Black is the Color of my True Loves Hair
3 Chicken Concret
4 Gusset Typing
5 She And Me Fall Together Like Free Death (Phosphorous Mix)
6 Chicken Korma
Label Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2003
Edition MT040c. First edition of 500 signed copies in hand-made cloth bag. CD image shows an animal skull sculpture MT040d. Second edition of 1000 copies in digipak. CD image shows the face of a girl.
(wassonii note: Only the first 50 discs of the cloth bag edition were the skull sculpture. Mine is the face image)
Sleeve Notes :
Steven Stapleton Colin Potter Cover Sculptures by S. S. Photographs by Andria Tibet Little girl voice on track 2 by Alice Potter Mixed by S. S. & C. P. Engineered by C. P. Recorded Feb 2003 at the Watertower Preston.
Following review excerpted from Brainwashed, by J Dean(and was regarding the LP release):
"Since the early 80's, Nurse With Wound has been pushing the opposite concept. Steven Stapleton's music is not made to make you feel better, or as something upbeat to play while doing crunches. Stapleton's music is designed for active, deep listening. You simply can't just play it in the background as you converse with friends. Even his most ambient pieces are not meditative; they are designed as a complex drama to make you FEEL something. Steven Stapleton's newest release is a full-length LP on the incomparably interesting Beta-Lactam Rings label. She and Me Fall Together in Free Death is probably the most approachable, largely "musical" album that NWW has released since Rock N' Roll Station. It's also one of his strangest concepts, a marriage of trance-inducing Krautrock grooves with a traditional jazz standard and some jarringly atonal musique concrete...
...Side B ends with the hyper-sexualized "Gusset Typing," in which a mutated woman's voice describes her masturbation and orgasm in intimate, anatomical detail. Her monologue is set against an intense rhythmic throbbing that builds as she reaches her climax. At the end, she blows her load and the record ends. This certainly qualifies as an active listening experience, and it's also a great make-out record! "

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sleep Now Forever

Rose at Discogs
Rose McDowall

Beautiful and stunning. Whereas my last post regarding Rose was a collection from various projects tacked on to an initially shorter Sorrow release, this is their sophomore album, following Under A Yew Possessed.
Rose and Robert Lee may not be recording together, but savour this while you can.

Track Listing:
1. Soldier
2. Love Dies
3. Turn off the Light
4. Haunting
5. Fear Becomes You
6. October Faul
7. Wishing Stone
8. Nomadic Man
9. Epiphany
10. Angel
11. Sleep Now Forever

John Barrett Vol. 1

Tracklisting and infos here and here
Different edits of the George Harrison tracks from Odds and Ends(including "Nashville Freakout", not on the previous), a visit to "That Means A Lot", various pieces from 62-3, and a nice take of Ringo's Stormy Weather.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Final Solstice II

From Discogs :

1 Sorrow Petite Cloche Faict Grand Son
2 Sorrow The Final Solstice
3 Sorrow Extracts From The Fairy Queene
4 Rosa Mundi The Snow Man
5 Spell I Got You Babe
6 Velocity Star Warm Leatherette
7 Peran Ophis Nierika
8 Strawberry Switchblade Tibet
9 Resonance (3) Butterfly Hawk

Rose McDowall
Rose MySpace
Rose Wiki

Fucking amazing. I am chagrinned to have missed this the first go 'round.
Beautiful, sexy, kitschy, dreamy.
Originally The Final Solstice was released as a short piece in a limited run. Due to demand, Sorrow released this one with added Rose collaborations.
You must have this, for the Rosa Mundi(w/ John Balance) and Warm Leatherette alone.
OOP 320

Saturday, June 16, 2007

John Barrett Vol.3 She Loves You

Tracklist and info here and here
Suffice it to say these tracks, while repetitive, at least show some insight to the process of finalisation and the ability to ditch a song when not up to par. Most of these appear on other collections, but Barrett manages to make the most fit audio selection.

Listen Compute Rock Home: The Best of Dimension 5

In "Abracadabra," Miss Nelson instructs, "Every time the music stops, you be the sound you hear."
From "Upside Down" :
"Everything you do when you are a child, everything you think about and sing about, everything you want to be when you grow up, it means a lot to the world around, it means a lot when the sky is upside down."

from a review of Hush Little Robot on pop matters
"Haack's work took him everywhere from television studios to children's dance classes. It was in one such class that he met teacher Esther Nelson, with whom he'd go on to create many albums of popular children's music.
Haack and Nelson's records were largely unique for one simple reason: they addressed their youthful audience as human beings rather than baby-talking simpletons. The songs stressed imagination, role-playing and creativity, routinely paired with infectious, futuristic melodies."
Haack available at Forced Exposure

This collection of tracks from Haack's children's albums is OOP, though there are some of the albums proper back in print, albeit out of Nippon. FE has some. Saw some through Amazon, too.
Strange and wondrous.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple Headphone Mind

Track Listing:
Simple Headphone Mind
Trippin' with the Birds
Sleeve Notes:
All music composed and arranged by Stereolab / Nurse With Wound Collage and mix . Steven Stapleton Special guests David Kenny . Rhythm guitar and solo Nora Duus . Voice Engineered by David Kenny, London Matt Purcel, Harmony Row, Ennis Mixing assistance David Kenny, Mark Angelo, Colin Potter. Cover - Santini
more infos at Brainwashed

Neue Kraut weirdness with a catchy groove. I believe only the first track has been reissued.


Dutch Radio4 Supplement Disc 4

The final disc of the series, containing the last interview fragments (wherein is explained the fact that although you may find a Coil fan at a Missy Elliot show, the reverse is very unlikely:)
And then the show begins... 256 to fit.
wiki (pic culled from here)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


From BLZ:
"Assembled from the finest quality master tapes available, "From Kinfauns To Chaos" documents an ending and a beginning, the end of the Beatles as a cohesive assemblage, and the beginning of John and Yoko as a collective unit. This two - CD set features the most complete, best sounding version to date of the May, 1968 "White Album" demos recorded at George's "Kinfauns" Bungalow on disc one."
From maccafan:
"Disc 1: The Beatles gathered at George's house ("Kinfauns", in Esher, Surrey) around the third week of May 1968 to record demos for the forthcoming "White Album" on George's four track equipment. The tracks were mixed to mono by George. John, Paul and Ringo each received copies of this reduction tape. This first disc comes from John's copy and, actually, it is the best sounding version to date of these demos. "

Tracklisting can be found at either of the above links. I do not currently have Disc 2, but if anyone out there has it for DL, please advise.

As more of a querie, tacked onto part two I have added what I believe to be a segment of the legendary 27 minute version of Helter Skelter. At 11:59, when I pulled it a few years ago there was the promise of part two, which didn't surface. I can't remember who or where from whence I got it (I've since gotten better about documentation and archiving:), but if someone out there can verify, produce part 2, or something in-between, please advise. Until otherwise proven, I'm going on good faith that this music is what I was told.

"The doctors here at the asylum wanted to do a little research on this ferocious ditty. While we were hitting the books we came across a great Beatles reference book by Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles: Recording Sessions. According to Recording Sessions the Beatles recorded three different takes of Helter Skelter at Abbey Road on July 18, 1968. The first take clocked in at 10 minutes & 40 seconds, take two at 12 minutes & 35 minutes, and take three…the holy grail of all un-bootlegged Beatles tracks, a soul stoppin’ 27 minutes & 11 seconds. They came back to HS on September 9 to record takes four through twenty-one. It was after take 21 that Ringo screamed his famous lines, "I’ve got blisters on my fingers!"" That being said, this collection of demos is phenomenal, particularly to the fan. Some unused bits, either at the time or forever; John would rework Child Of Nature and George wouldn't release Circles for another 14 years.


Dutch Radio4 Supplement Disc 3

above image from Coil Magazine 1987.

1. Egyptian Bases (I have seen this spelled "Basses", too, and prefer the latter)

2. Backwards CD (Heaven's Blade, Wir-Click-Wir, Elves, In My Blood, Spastiche, Crumb Tune)

3. COH - Love Uncut EP (My Angel, FFFetish, Prayer For Russel, Health & Deficiency)

Only a little bit of inteview (helluvan interesting insight, though), but the sounds...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dutch Radio4 Supplement Disc 2

Photo by Lawrence Watson from Coil Magazine 1987 and found at Brainwashed.
Here is Disc 2, split into 2 parts. one two
Contents of Supplement thus far on Wassonii:
Coil Manifesto
Interview 1 (Throbbing Gristle)
...from 20 Jazz Funk Greats: Tanith(excerpt), Still Walking (excerpt), Persuasion
Interview 2 (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV)
...from V/A If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul: ZosKia/Rape
...from Psychic TV Force Thee Hand Ov Chance: Twisted
Coil Mix 1 (1983-1986)
...1983 from The Elephant Table Album(LP): S Is For Sleep
...1984 from Bethel(cassette): Red Weather
...1984 from The Beast 666(cassette): Here To Here(Double Headed Secret)
...1984 from ZOS-KIA(7"): RAPE(Violation)
...1984 from Live At The Top(LP): Homage To Sewage
...1984 from The Fight Is On(LP): Sicktone
...1985 from If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul: The Wheel
...1985 from A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse(LP): Neither His Nor Yours
...1986 from Ohrensausen(LP): His Body Was A Playground For The Nazi Elite
(end disc one)
Interview 3 (Scatology)
...from Scatology: Ubu Noir, At The Heart Of It All, Tenderness Of Wolves, Clap, Cathedral In Flames
Interview 4 (Aleister Crowley)
...from Nightmare Culture(LP):
...Sickness Of Snakes: Various Hands, The Swelling Of Leeches
Interview 5 (Horse Rotorvator)
...from Tainted Love/Panic(12"): Tainted Love
...from Horse Rotorvator: Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)
...from Unnatural History: Penetralia II
...from The Anal Staircase EP: The Anal Staircase (Dionysian Remix)
Interview 6 (Hollywood/Commercial)
...from The Unreleased Themes Of Hellraiser(10" sideA): Hellraiser Theme
...from The Unreleased Themes Of Hellraiser(10"sideB/commercials): Airline 1,
...Video Recorder, Natural Gas, cosmetic 1, Cosmetic 2, Analgesic
...from The Angelic Conversation: Enochian Calling I
(end disc two)
coil dutch radio4 coil wiki
3 and 4 are coming. Fantastic insights regarding Fairlights, AIDS, Crowley, and those cunts in Hollywood.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cassette Dubs Vol. 7: Get Back (Glyn John's 2nd mix 5 Jan 1970)

Tracklist and Info

Long before the "naked" version came out and certainly before Spector got his filthy (though full-sounding) hands on the tapes, Glyn John's culled an album from hours of only somewhat productive studio time. Don't know why they didn't go with this version, but at least someone kept a copy. "For You Blue" has the original vocals. "Across The Universe" here is the version I love best.
Good rock and roll.

Dutch Radio4 Supplement Disc 1

Above image found at Brainwashed

June 18 2001. This is the first of four discs (the rest of which I shall be posting here) of the Dutch Radio4 supplement. A collection of sounds and interviews: from Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV days through to the Backwards Demo and everything in-between. The first track of this disc is Balance reading an excerpt of the Coil Manifesto (Specially created for this broadcast by Arno Peeters), part of which I have reprinted here.
from Coil wiki:
"Dutch Radio4 Supplement is a 4 CD set of a radio broadcast of material by Coil, much of which is exclusive. The Amsterdam radio program on NPS, was broadcast on 2001 June 18, following Coil's live performance on 2001 June 01."

Below image from 1982 and found at wiki

Friday, June 8, 2007

Odds And Ends: 2

In which John Barrett finds some Ono-Lennon, Richard B, and George solo oddities and commits them to cassette. The Beatle fan typically doesn't care for the John and Yoko, but I find it refreshing and certainly an experimental take on the Blues form. The other lads lay down some excellent work, too!

Tracklist and Info

Odds and Ends: 1

Musicians on "Bastards"
Ara Anderson - Trumpet
Michael Blair - Drums, Percussion
Brain - Percussion
Matt Brubeck - Bass
Crispin Cioe - Sax
Bent Clausen - Piano
Greg Cohen - Bass
Eddie Davis - Banjo
Darrell Devore - Circular Violin
Mitchell Froom - Chamberlain
Bob Funk - Trombone
Arno Hecht - Saxes
Bart Hopkins - Bamboo Clarinet
Carla Kihlstedt - Violin
Guy Klesevik - Accordion
Gary Knowlton - Keyboards
Mike Knowlton - Guitar
Larry LaLonde - Guitar
Mark Linkous - Guitar, Drums, Bass
Paul "Hollywood" Litteral - Trumpet
Charlie Musselwhite - Harmonica
Tom Nunn - The Bug
Marc Ribot - Guitar
Bebe Riesenfors - Clarinet
Colin Stetson - Sax
Larry Taylor - Bass
Richard Waters - Waterphone
Casey Waits - Drums
Tom Waits - Vocals, Percussion, Pump Organ

All songs Waits/Brennan except:
What Keeps Mankind Alive - Kurt Weill/Bertolt brecht
Children's Story - Georg Buchner's Woyzeck
Heigh Ho - Churchill/Morey
Army Ants - Insect facts gathered from The World Book Encyclopedia, Audobon Field Guide,
reliable sources and the naked eye.
Book Of Moses - Alexander Lee Spence
Two Sisters - Trad. arranged by Waits/Brennan
Nirvana - Charles Bukowski
Home I'll Never Be - Kerouac/Waits
Poor Little Lamb - Kennedy/Waits
King Kong - Daniel Johnston
On The Road - Kerouac/Waits

From booklet rear:
"Dying Words Of Famous Men":
'Is this your fidelity?' - Nero
'Let the light enter.' - Goethe
'The artery ceases to beat.' - Haller
'I am about to die' - Samuel Johnson
'Give Dayrolles a chair.' - Chesterfield
'It matters little how the head lieth.' - Raleigh

"Bastards is concerned with Waits' more experimental musical styles, opening with an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's poem "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" (music by Kurt Weill) and continuing on "Children's Story", which is en excerpt of Georg Büchner's play Woyzeck, the score of which Waits wrote and later released as his Blood Money album. The disc contains other literary adaptations, including a Charles Bukowski poem about enlightenment ("Nirvana") and two songs, "Home I'll Never Be" and "On the Road", originally penned by Jack Kerouac."

"We're doing a thing called "Orphans," a lot of songs that fell behind the stove while making dinner, about 60 tunes that we collected. Some are from films, some from compilations. Some is stuff that didn't fit on a record, things I recorded in the garage with kids. Oddball things, orphaned tunes." - Tom Waits

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shipwreck Radio: Final Broadcasts

Track Listing:
June 22 (30:18)
July 13 (30:29)
Notes from Brainwashed:
"Available initially at the first NWW gigs in San Francisco, although copies available after the shows.
Between June & July 2004, as guests of Kunst I Nordland, NWW broadcast twenty four unexpected radio transmissions from the Arctic Lofoten Islands"
In which Steven and Colin trek to overtake sounds found in the Arctic.
Still available from ICR, I'm only posting July 13. Beast to yesterday's beauty.
Have yet to get/hear the other parts of the broadcasts, but in time.
Brainwashed, as usual, has a good review.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Acts Of Senseless Beauty

Track Listing:
1 Either Open or Unsound
2 Bloodclot
3 A Window of Possible Organic Development
4 The Entertainer
5 Some Magic Powers
Steven Stapleton Petr Vastl Peat BogDavid Kenny
Sleeve Notes:
All music performed by, mixed and executed by NURSE WITH WOUND and ARANOS

Cover by Babs Santini from an idea by Petr Vastl

Thanks to: Peat Bog - guitar, perc, voice David Kenny - guitar Dennis Blackham - digital transfer And not forgetting: Dave Andrews, Colin Potter, Christoph, David, Drei and Roo
Other Notes:
Track 5 finishes at around 10:37 and restarts again around 12:40 as an untitled dub track

Good review at

Beautiful, eerie, compelling. A rich melding of minds and sounds. I love this piece.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

John Barrett Cassette Dubs Vol. 2

The first two tracks made me fall in love with the Beatles all over again. A few mates hanging out and goofing around. Prowess is shown, though. In honor of the new Macca album.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Furnace 4 Song Advance

from promo sleeve:
Four Song Advance CD Download Furnace
cEVIN Key, Dwayne Goettel, Philth, Mark SpybeyWith guest Genesis P-Orridge
Produced by David Ogilvie
"DOWNLOAD is the evolution of SKINNY PUPPY. These four songs from the forthcoming Cleopatra Records release"Furnace" represent the first new material from SKINNY PUPPY members cEVIN Key and Dwayne Goettel in almost three years. Key has also been the driving force behind recording projects as varied and respected as The Tear Garden, Hilt, CyberAktif, Doubting Thomas, and Dead Voices on Air. This release presents cEVIN and Dwayne (2/3 of PUPPY) with friends Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air, ex-Zoviet France) and Vancouver DJ Philth on their latest musical journey. Producer extraordinaire David Ogilvie (SKINNY PUPPY, Babes In Toyland, The Final Cut, etc.) completes the all star line-up. The band is available for interviews and will tour to support the release later this year."

Please note I did not write that stuff. However, it's some good music and the info is appreciated. Never really followed this act after Furnace, but I can certainly appreciate what they've done. This is a solid representation of their more "industrial" sound. Plus there is Gen.

from Download Wiki :
"In the first era of Download's career, the band's sound was an Experimental Industrial style which featured vocals by Mark Spybey and guest vocals by Genesis P. Orridge. Their first LP, Furnace, was arguably their least accessible-most of the tracks lasted for over four minutes, some lasting as long as nine minutes. Their next release, the Microscopic EP continued this style. It featured three remixes of tracks from Furnace (only one of which was remixed by the band itself, the other two were remixed by Biosphere and Newt), along with five original tracks......In December 2006, cEvin Key announced that new material has been recorded for a new album (entitled Fixer) to be released in the fall of 2007. Mark Spybey, one-time member and guest vocalist, is to record some tracks with Key and Western in the near future.
*********A special-edition of Furnace is also set to be released with Subconscious' From the Vault II series. The new release will include a 2nd disc with a collection of the live jams that went down in the first jam sessions for Download."
Originally released in 1995


The Final Concert Of The 20th Century
9th July 1999Melbourne Australia
PersonnelDouglas P. - Guitars, Percussion and Lead Vocals
Albin Julius - Keyboards, Tapes, Percussion and Vocals
John Murphy - Percussion and Vocals
Dedication: To All Those Who Fight In Isolation
01 Smashed To Bits ( In The Peace Of The Night )
02 Bring In The Night
03 Despair
04 Only Europa Knows
05 The Bunker
06 Little Blue Butterfly
07 Frost Flowers
08 Death Of The West
09 Heaven Street
10 Little Black Angel
11 Kameradschaft
12 Giddy Giddy Carousel
13 Ku Ku Ku
14 Runes And Men
15 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
16 Hullo Angel
17 Leper Lord
18 Fall Apart
19 Fields Of Rape
20 C'est Un Reve
As with certain other DIJ releases, this one is currently OOP with no set rerelease. 320

Death In June sitelisting for Heilige! (follow the song links for lyrics:)


Moons Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc is a semi-official name for an edition of Coil CD-Rs released in conjunction with Moons Milk (In Four Phases). Each CD sleeve was hand painted and given its own unique title.
The tracks from A Guide For Beginners/Finishers were previously unreleased at the time. They underwent mad Sleazy treatment to arrive on Ape Of Naples.
1 Copal
2 The Coppice Meat
3 Ü Pel (Insense Offering)
4 A.Y.O.R.
5 A Cold Cell

Moon's Milk In Six Phases is imminently due. Please check Threshold House for updates.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Alice In Wonderland

"Shortly after this release, Greif teamed up with Mikail Bohonus of WarWorld to form STATIC EFFECT who performed improvisationally around loosely defined musical structures. They toured North America and Canada and released a number of cassettes and vinyl before disbanding in 1990. By this time Greif had begun work on his most ambitious project to date--a 6 hour musical and textural setting for Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland". The spoken text is often deconstructed into phonemes of pure sound and then returned to recognizable words. This project took 5 years and the CDs were released serially on the Staalplaat label in special packaging."

From Disquiet :

"Greif lifted the text from a three-LP spoken-word edition, dating from early-'60s Britain; he found it in a thrift-store bargain bin. To the somewhat abbreviated story line, reduced by approximately 20 minutes from Lewis Carroll's original, Greif — ever the Mad Sampler — has added a barrage of aural cues and backdrops, culling material from a variety of sources; reggae dub techniques, Gregorian chant samples, tubular bells, ethnic percussion, and a greater number of unplaceable sounds color the releases...Part radio-drama serial and part marathon "listening environment" (Greif's term)."

From Incursion :

"I attempted to use the speech in three distinct ways. Firstly, in a traditional manner of storytelling with the music as background, although the music being far more experimental than typical. Secondly, to cut the speech into patterns that would intertwine with the music in order to force it into the mould of a song structure. So that the spoken words would operate as lyrics, without melody, of course, but rhythmically. Finally, to deconstruct the speech itself into abstraction, cutting the words into phonemes, or altering the voice electronically to the extent it becomes purely sound. The tricky part for me was to try to use these three methods of dealing with the text and still not lose sight of the story itself. I wanted the piece to move through cycles from clear story-telling to pure abstraction and then back again. And also to have the entire 6 hours move in a larger cycle, mirroring the smaller cycles within. Not that the main theme was a psychedelic experience, but I intended the work to move through real time in the manner of one."

Greif at Discogs at Scaruffi

Please read caveat in comments.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Electric Lucifer Book 2

From Discogs :
1 Mean Old Devil
2 Ancient Mariner
3 Stand Up Lazaras
4 Hookin For The Honey
5 Just A Song At Twilight
6 Good-Life-Good Life
7 Gastronomicplentyfication
8 Noonday Sun
9 Moonlight And Roses
Born on May 4, 1931 in Alberta, Canada, Bruce Clinton Haack is one of the pioneers of electronic music during the 50's and 60's. Prolific composer behind a huge span of wildy creative, from electronic childrens songs to satanic music, as well as being an inventor of weird musical instruments like the Theremin-inspired Magic Wand and the Dermatron, a device that worked off the natural conductivity of the human body.


from Brainwashed :
1 Tamlin 2 How the Great Satanic Glory Faded
Personnel David Tibet Michael CashmoreNick SalomanSteven Stapleton David KennySleeve Notes"How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" details how Lucifer and Lucifera in their male and female forms appeared to me as they lamented their Fall from Heaven. Current 93 once when they were young oh once when they were so young: David Michael Tibet - vocals; Michael Cashmore - acousitc guitars, bass and whistles; Nicholas Saloman - electric guitar and electric dulcimer; Steven Stapleton - he has the whole wide world and a snakehorn in his hands. Mixed by him too. Engineered by David Kenny. Tibet laughed in the corner. My thanks to Tim for his permission to reproduce this brief extract from our conversation of September 7, 1994. Lyrics by David Tibet.
Cut by Denis and George at Porky's. Front ocver. "Arboreal Cult" by Austin Osman Spare. Inner cover. "How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" by Andrew King (XXXXIV). "Tamlin" traditional/arranged by Current 93. "How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" David Tibet/Current 93 thankyouall.
My thanks redriverrun to: Starspace, John Balance, Paul Cheshire, Shirley Collins, The Venerable C.R. Lama Rinpoche, Richard Dalby, Tiny Tim, Mr. Bucks Burnett, Mr. Martin Sharp, Mr. Gregor Brune, the Ricedogs, and Lynn for her wine: they have all helped me in many and different ways.
This record is limited to 2000 numbered copies, and is released to celebrate Hallowe'en 1994. Terrify not man, or God shall terrify you.
"Love knocks and enters, but knowledge stands without." - The Cloud Of Unknowing
Thus I wash the Stinking Gnoddo, and have become - almost - as pure as snow. David Michael Tibet, October 1994
The CD version has a bit more of the telephone dialogue between Tiny Tim and David Tibet at the beginning and end of "How the Great Satanic Glory Faded".

The Great In The Small

Music For The Rest Of Us
Excerpt from a great write up at Music For The Rest Of Us (because, honestly, i couldn't have been more eloquent. Further in he gives good caution regarding one's approach to this album. Check it out)"The totality of David Tibet's work as Current 93 on one album, consisting of one hour-long track. For the average band, this would be for somewhat awkward proposition at best. For Current 93, however, the end result is mind-boggling. For the recording is supposedly every song out of every album in his 20+ album back catalogue, plus every unreleased song he has created (including alternate mixes, both b-side and compilation track inclusions). Thus, for sixty minutes, a veritable flood of noise rushes past your ears, with absolutely no rhyme or reason. Over a hundred guitar rhythms rub elbows with David Tibet's hissed and half-sung vocals as an astonishing amount of "proto-industrial" sound effects rise up all over the place. While it is possible to isolate a single song and listen in it in it's entirety, who would want to, given the immense amount of concentration to make it out amidst the dozens of other songs around it? Kudos must be givent to Stephen Stapleton, for managing to keep this album a bewildering curiousity rather than the absolute failure it could have been. This is musique concrete, taken to the extreme, then shoved off of the edge of sanity's plateau."

madness. 192, unfortunately