Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coil Live La Lieu Unique 25 March 2001 Nantes, France

Coil Live Wiki

Coil at Brainwashed

Coil Proper

What was happening in Coil News 2001

La Lieu Unique (currently their archives are UC)

Higher Beings Command
Amethyst Deceivers
Titan Arch - What Kind Of Animal Are You
Blood From The Air
I Am The Green Child
Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil


Thank you F for making this available to me and to Sleazy for approval.
As per other Coil Live posts, Colour Sound Oblivion is due at some point and any of these performances will be removed should they see their inclusion on that release.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Black Paper excerpt

The Vortex Vault

Black Paper, being the first release(December 2006) of TVV, has Liles paired with Kenji Siratori .
The Vortex Vault is an ambitious undertaking by Liles, seeing a new release each month from Dec. 2006 through to November 2007. Though the sounds are culled from his archive of unreleased pieces , each submission of the Vault is new unto itself, with a wide variety of influences and collaborators. It is, though, the man himself who shines as a master artisan/craftsman.

Andrew Liles

Each of The Vortex Vault releases are limited to 300 and may be purchased either at the Liles Site or from Beta-lactam Ring Records.
I first encountered the musicks of Liles when I decided to go out on a limb and purchased The Dying Submariner/The Dead Submariner from Beta-lactam and I haven't looked back since. (earlier in this blog I had posted The Dead Submariner thinking it was OOP, but thankfully it is still in print(and hence removed) and available as the above-mentioned Double CD from BlR. Look for an excerpt from each soon)
This is, to date, the shortest (30 minutes total length) of The Vortex Vault pieces, but speaks very well to Liles ability through collaboration to draw the best out of those with whom he is paired.
As this is still in print, I am only including two tracks in the hopes of turning a few people on to his work and thereby helping to increase the numbers of enlisted fans.

Barometer i

Barometer ii

Full tracklisting:
Barometer ii
Black Paper
Barometer i
Time Machine
Barometer iii

More excerpts to come from The Vortex Vault.
Even if you don't care for these tracks, understand that each in this series are varied and different from one another. Check out BlR as excerpts are there as well. Hell, just check out Beta-lactam Ring for the heck of it. I promise that their label releases offer many and varied artists and their mail order catalogue expands to other labels and artists, too.
You have been informed:)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Music For The Horse Hospital

The Horse Horse Hospital
Brainwashed MFTHH

From Brainwashed:
"Music for the Horse Hospital
Current Ninety Three David Tibet . Maja Elliot, Joolie Wood, Julia Kent April 8 - May 4 2002
Nurse With Wound . Steven Stapleton . Colin Potter . Sounds from the Horse Hospital April 8 - May 4 2002.
Originally sold at the Stapleton/Tibet art exhibit at the Horse Hospital museum between April 8th and May 4th of 2002. "Salt" was later expanded into the full-length release, Salt Marie Celeste"
An unfortunate caveat:
wma at 192
Still, two quiet and moving pieces.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Coil Live St John's Church, Gdansk, Poland 24 October 2002

Bueno, Hello, Aloha, etc.
Perseverance IS all (and a little patience doesn't hurt, either:)
Still, I am returned.
Hope this finds everyone well and such.
Thought everyone might appreciate this, I know I love it.


Sine Waves
Last Rites Of Spring
Amethyst Deceivers
Warning From The Sun
The Universe Is A Haunted House
I Don't Want To Be The One
Bang Bang
Are You Shivering?

A companion set to the post at Because God Told Me To Do It from the night of 25 October, 2002.
256, by the way.

p.s. a big thank you to F for allowing this to be available to me and to Sleazy for allowing me to post these live sets.

As always, Colour Sound Oblivion is imminently due and any of these which appear therein will be removed from this site.

pps 1/4/9

unearthly red was an incorrect tracklisting. It should have been and now reads "The Universe Is A Haunted House" thank you.

ppps 16 June 2009

A very humble thank you to Timur for taking the time and having the good ear to sleuth out what is an honest mistake, but now becomes a question. (Look in the comments to see our discussion)

Apparently the set posted here as 24 October is the same performance listed as 25 October (currently posted at "Because God Told Me To Do It" (see link in sidebar)) from a different recorder. If our ears stand corrected, I will eat the pie again, but the questions, they come. Which date is this exactly? And whence t'other? Oh CSO, please be here when you can. And remember all content posted here that is on Colour Sound Oblivion will be removed from the site, although the sound qualities will be so vastly improved, ya won't care. Thank you.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

On A Brief Hiatus

So, what began as a holiday of sorts has now turned into a brief hiatus due to the laptop being most ill (source of good wifi connects) and the musicks to which I have access being on the home desktop (prey to the evils of dial up:(
Ah, microsoft, why do you vex me so;-)
At any rate, this will be more sporadic than usual while I deal with warranties and borrowed connects (thank goodness for the flash drive:)
Hope all is well in blogland.
Some places to spy while tooling around:
among others (which can be found in the links section)
Hope all is well with everyone as we creep closer ever to Fall.