Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Colour Sound Oblivion Infos : ThresholdHouse is back

Thanks for the pointer mon frere.

Go vote on a sexy little USB

versus regular old discs at ThresholdHouse

By the way, ThresholdHouse is back:)


Anonymous said...

You have been my source of COIL news for quite some time. I was thinking of starting a Peter Christopherson/COIL/SoiSong news hotline and was wondering if you'd want to collaborate.

Here's the link:

Also, check out the interviews. There's some juicy info in them I know you'd enjoy. xAj3z is coming out!!!

Wrecker of civilization said...

Great blog you have here! Glad Threshould House is back too.
I'll link your blog to mine.
If you'd like to check my blog, the link is:

Anonymous said...


I don't know if this is of any use to you, but I have started to post my vinyl collection of Coil and related topics on a Latvian website.

Files are stored on Rapidshare, they are mp3(320), 'cause wav are too big. Sorry, my comments are in Latvian (but I can translate it to English , if needed). Also I usually have all colours of vinyl versions and digitalize them all and in the first case ("Transparent" clear/green LPs) I uploaded both rips, but as people were not interested in downloading two almost identical versions I decided to upload only one version (the one that is the best (quality) in my opinion), like the most recent post of Coil / The New Blocaders / Vortex Campaign LP version of "The Melancholy Mad Tenant" (!with only 2 collaboration tracks - and the 2.track (Side B) is SHORTENED VERSION (exclusive to vinyl edition) - edited from 29 min. to less than 25 min.). I have uploaded only grey vinyl version, but if somebody requests it I can upload also black vinyl version. I will be uploading also other Coil vinyls that differ from CD versions (and also the ones that don't differ.)


wassonii said...

Thank you all. My time here has been too brief of late.
Sleepless, thank you. I have a copy of the Coil/New Blockaders, but still no player. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
Wrecker, thank you. A most excellent blog:)
Grey - you are a blessing. I encourage all to check out the site.
Y'all take care.