Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taiga Remains: Are you yet familiar with these sounds?

Taiga ((pronounced tie-guh, I've come to find out): definition - "Coniferous or boreal forest, located in a band across northern North America, Europe, and Asia. This terrestrial biome also occurs at high elevations.") Remains

I rather like the tones with which this piece plays and the manipulations of Cobb on my sonic intake. I hope you do too. Rare that I care for North American drone outside of NWW collabs and related entities(and I'm from here:), though that opinion has been changing of late I am happy to say(and somewhat chagrinned). Only fairly recently have I found my way to Students of Decay, Alex Cobb, and Taiga Remains, but it has so far been worth my investment of time for a proper listen, if you will. Really good work on this and Wax Canopy. Follow some of the links below for further infos and offerings. As always, look to the pictures to see what you can hear. Wax Canopy still available from the label. Bonus edition sold out.

Fairing's Chapel. Bonus with Taiga Remains release Wax Canopy on digitalis arts & crafts editions (limited to 500 of which this 3" was companion for the first 100). From the digitalis site: "Taiga Remains is the brainchild of Cincinnati's Alex Cobb. Over the past few years he has developed a signature sound that blurs the line between blissed-out guitar work and atonal, blown-out dirges." Sample of "returning breath" (track 2 of wax canopy) available from digitalis.

My aural initiation to taiga came about from a mild obsession with Pocahaunted. Through those searches, I came upon Spire Ground A Bored Fortress Compilation and was and still am quite enamoured with this track. The whole thing is likely still floating about, but I just had to share the TR track.


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hey there wassonii - good to see you're still posting crazy stuff ... hope you've been well! I've always loved your blog.

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And i will say the same regarding your blog. Thank you SOO much for the link to the TG San Fran upgrade. CHRIST!
Oh yes and glad you dig the Taiga. It's been rolling around in my head for about a month. Nice.

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Again a good post. Thanks your crony