Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jarboe Supersonic

Another fantastic share from BC. Thank you! I believe the description was "a blistering set!"
1st image from wiki, second from the flickr of stu green. seriously, check out stu's account. Brilliant shots abound.
Jarboe backed by members of esoteric and black sun
Any help with tracklisting is greatly appreciated.
Excellent overall of Supersonic with tons o' linx over at Capsule Blog

"all dressed in black black

all tattooed and pierced and hair

totally metal

yet delving into

avante and ee so ter ic

twas loud so very loud"

an excellent take from the blog 'cows are just food' under the title "supersonic 2009: sunday (in haiku)"

YouTube clips from riseandshine1804. Please check out their channel.

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