Saturday, March 20, 2010

CSO Update/Pre-Order info...Moscow set at YT...

Colour Sound Oblivion Details, Vid Samplers, Pre-Order Info, etc. available at Threshold House. click on the box.

Recent upload below from GateleFinal. Manythanks to them, although I would hope they (and others) will pull their pieces that coincide w/CSO coverage when released. I know I will be doing so in the next few days. As always, a huge thanks to those whom have helped get the sets herein available to the ears and the greatest of respect love admiration and THANKS to Unkle Sleazy, without whom none of this would be possible.


armeur H said...

soisong's performance @ villette sonique, Paris in June is cancelled due to "a terrible illness" ? Do you know if Sleazy is in so bad conditions ?

wassonii said...

Not bad conditions.
From Soisong MySpace:

"Following the REUNION 2009 strategies of the previous year, SoiSong have now decided to introduce a lively intermission we like to refer to as SPLIT-2010. Due to an overwhelming amount of —Āreative and spiritual initiatives accumulated in the collective during the past two years, all SoiSong members will now take time to embark onto pursuing individual paths for the rest of year. This implies following:

- Soisong will not be appearing anywhere in the world as a band [although might be accidentally seen with separate shows at the same Time and Place]

- Soisong will not be recording any new studio material together [although have a plan to release during 2010 two separate solo albums both entitled "SOISONG"].

To all those who have been supporting the utopian initiative from its very beginning and who keep looking forward, we would like to emphasize that the introduction of the SPLIT-2010 doctrine does not by any means signify termination of SoiSong as such, but rather a temporal change in Force, Strategy and Form in favour of personal development, which we find vital and believe the collective will only benefit from. During the SPLIT-2010 phase, SoiSong will remain a platform for artistic communication - both within the collective and with the world outside. Therefore, watch this space!"

Anonymous said...

thank you tps

i saw coil last concert in dublin

thank you