Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm feelin' like a megalith on a manic spree...and words from little birds

This release at Discogs
This is Coil's live performance at Megalithomania!, an event which took place on October 12th, 2002 at The Conway Hall in London and was released as bonus in the Coil Live boxset entitled The Key To Joy Is Disobedience.
John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra, Ossian Brown, Danny Hyde - sound.
Again from J. Dean via Brainwashed:
"It's a very nice bonus indeed, as this performance is unique among Coil's live history, and marks a sort of turning point for the group. Megalithomania! was a celebration of sacred sites and standing stones as expressed through history, folklore, art and sound. Basically, everything that Julian Cope was on about in his mammoth tome "The Modern Antiquarian." For this special event, Coil performed a long, drawn-out permutation on "The Universe is a Haunted House," turning the piece into a slowly evolving ambient sound sculpture involving the ghostly sound of water droplets, quietly droning synths, and a particularly spectral vocal improvisation from Balance."
Do check out Mr. Dean's knowledge on this release at the link provided.
This is, of course, out of print, but an oh-so-necessary part of the Coil Live experience.
Potentially on Colour Sound Oblivion, as with the other Coil Live representations here, this will be removed when CSO is released.
Speaking of Coil releases, little bird little bird chirps:
The New Backwards cd should be soon (3 tracks more than the vinyl).
Moon's Milk bonus disc soon. Moon's Milk box with book of John's paintings a little later.
Time Machines rerelease with extra disc of molecules perhaps around Yule or thereafter.
CSO - not yet.
So there, me hearties, a lovely Spring to all.
Selah. @256
Megalithomania! at Wiki


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

wassonii said...

Thank you. Hope all is well now and was during my absence. It really is a bitch to have dial up at home. Fucking access should be at least reasonable, if not free. I've got children to train up and music to purchase:)
It's good to be back:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for this and for all the others. Incredible.

The Shivering Manatee said...

Balance was particularly disturbed during this gig, and in fact stormed off, but not before Tibet left the audience prematurely. I think he'd been warned that JB was thinking of throwing a speaker cabinet into the audience....haha, I was glad I was sat upstairs.

wassonii said...

It certainly comes through in the atmosphere of the sounds. Great set, though. Sounds like it was good for you (at least lucky:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this one ...

i was at the show and, yes, jb did seem 'disturbed'! almost like a tantrum. after a spell of repeatedly asking "where's my rabbit?" over and over he disappeared backstage and later came back clutching a big white bunny toy which was then pounded until it broke apart. at the time it seemed an unsatisfying even disappointing performance but after, walking thru the streets everything seemed heightened and weird - perhaps an after effect of the tension?

(btw, mt vernon astral temple were the support and were great).

wassonii said...

I've heard mvat gives a great live set. gonna have to track some down.
Thank you very much for the thoughts and remembrance!

Wey Nagrom said...

I was on the balcony well, a few seats over from a guy who felt it was necessary to throw a beer can at Balance, but hit someone at the rails instead.

He seemed to be provoking the audience with the existential question of "WHY ARE YOU HERE?" primarily directed towards one or two audience members to the left-side of the stage (from stage-pers).

Before the show I was robbed of what little english pounds my bank at the time allowed me to remove while abroad (Credit Suisse, the fuckers) while trying to score some weed. But hell, I didn't need it anyway. (the pounds or the pot)

There was at least one camera at the center recording the event, and I made one using a minidisc recorder as well (of a quality that brings out a little more of the audience participation, I think).

Thanks for the amazing archival site, by the way. Figured you'll appreciate any input.


wassonii said...

Indeed! Thank you very much for sharing:)