Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's been awhile: Decayed Restitution and such...

Well hell. Took me this long to get the damned laptop to the doctor and back and so here I am again.

Let's see...

Hi, how are you?

I'm not dead yet, although me 'n death have this understanding regarding time and it's properties on humans.

Of course everything changes and everyone dies, but y'all knew that.

I've been loving the DIJ Brown Book special edition, The Ape Of Naples boxset, odd bits here and there, and though I haven't had time to really comment or even share, it gives me great good hope to know good music will never die, but what happens when humans no longer need ears?:)

So, all that aside, what say we begin again.


The Restitution Of Decayed Intelligence. Part I Part II

Great listening, though as always, you don't have to take my word for it:

J. Dean had this to say at Brainwashed (follow the link for his full review)

"If anyone could make something as dry and academic as Musique ConcrĂȘte into intense, ferociously sexy ear candy, it would have to be Peter Cristopherson and John Balance. This release is the duo's contribution to Beta-Lactam Ring Records' terrific Lactamase series: a subscription series of twelve 10" vinyl records by some of today's best and brightest underground, avant-garde and esoteric musical projects. The series has included some amazing releases from Edward Ka-Spel, Volcano the Bear and Tony Conrad, but the most highly anticipated release is certainly Coil's masterful grand finale to the series. Coil's two-sided 10" occupies a unique place in their discography. It is a truly awe-inspiring tangent into the rarefied realm of musique concrĂȘte abstractionists such as Iannis Xenakis, Tod Dockstader and Luc Ferrari. There has always been an element of these musical progenitors in Coil's musick, but their penchant for structured, vocal-driven "songs" have prevented them from ever fully engaging their abstruse tendencies. Both sides of the 10" use the same basic sounds and techniques, but the sculpturing takes different forms on either side..."

Infos on this release at Wiki and at Discogs


Stiev A. said...

Good to have you back! Was beginning to feel uncomfortable with your absence!

Thanks for all the Coil-stuff!

wassonii said...

Thank you and you are welcome:)

Yanick said...

Welcome back!- Structure from Mog