Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coil related: SoiSong at Youtube (from Amsterdam 24 May 2008)

All gods bless nightwatch01

What a beautiful find. Thanks to The Shivering Manatee for pointing it out.

parts 2-4 of 7
Please goto nightwatch01 (Thank you whomever you are) for all 7 lovely treats.

Also some lovely TG at the above link.


Look in the comments for location and directions for audio of this set:)


verylite said...

The dude filming this sat just in front of my row of chairs. Yeah, most of us sat down which was cool. A great show, good sound, nice lights. A very small but well equipped club. Sounds from whisper soft to bone crushing and organ rearranging. The merch stand did very well and looked like a feeding ground for vultures. Super glad I went there.

Michael said...

Hello Wassonii!

It´s a true pleasure for me to have my videos featured on your blog!
I had been watching your blog for almost a year and found a huge mountain of extremely good stuff.
Now you have found me...

Thanks and best regards

nightwatch01 (Michael)

verylite said...

There's an audio download of the show. It's here;

Since it's in Dutch, scroll down until you're under Downloaden. Right mouse button on Zondag 25 mei 2008, 21:00 tot 22:00. Save target as. Lemme know in case you want me to upload it. No problem. A mate even made a sleeve in case someone wants to burn a cd from this recording.

wassonii said...

Thanks for stopping in and sharing:) It sounds and looks like a good time for all, for sure.
What goodies were you able to pick up among the vultures?
Hope all is well!

wassonii said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this concert up. For the others whom will be interested, thank you as well. I wish I had found your site before, as I'll be playing catch up for some time:)
What a fantastic experience SoiSong seems to have been.
Thank you again and take care,

wassonii said...

verylite - thank you for the walk-through:) Dl right now. I would like to take a gander at the cover work, just to see.
Thanks again, as I was wondering how to get audio for this set.

verylite said...

Hey, lemme think about some spot to upload the sleeve. Well, it's the flyer on the front and the bl/w pic of Ivan and Peter on the other side.
There were business cards passed on in the very dark during the set. Turned out they have password for the dot com. There's also passwords printed on the cd's.

wassonii said...

Right on. Thank you.
I love being able to hear the evolution of their sound.
Take care!

substrom said...

Much thanks for the link verylite.
It be gold!

wassonii said...

I will second that. Thanks again, verylite. SoiSong is pretty much all that I lstened to for the rest of yesterday:)

verylite said...

My pleasure of course. Many many thanks for all the beautiful downloads from this blog.
I suppose SoiSong okayed the cable to the soundboard, this doesn't sound like a microphone recording to me. There were bottles kicked over and someone walked on the stage during the set and opened a bag using velcro. This was heard in the club real clearly since it was a soft passage in the set. We had to silence our phones before the show! SoiSong waited til all chatter died down! Very cool KinkFM was able to podcast this gem. Yep, SoiSongs album and live cd is what's played in my house nowadays! How about the passwords for the dot com? Everyone's got them in some way by now?

wassonii said...

No to the passwords, unfortunately.
Thanks for the reportage. none of those sounds you describe are present in the podcast. I'm very thankful for KINK and whatever permissions they gained. Fantastic!
it makes me happy to know Sleaze and Ivan had cells silenced. I work in a theatre, have been onstage as musician and actor, and been an audience member when those damned things go off and while most shows I attend ya wouldn't be able to hear such a racket, when all involved are focused, breaking the concentration is sucky at best.
Thank you and take care:)

verylite said...

There's a dutch review on the site of a newspaper called de Volkskrant. A good review. The journalist "published" the code found on his card. Exactly the same as the one on my card. So it seems likely all codes on the discs are identical as well (would be a bit expensive to do otherwise). In short, there's two different passwords. Spread em around, start downloading two tracks for now and be back later to buy the disc!

wassonii said...

has another angle on some of this set.