Friday, September 5, 2008

Eine Kleine Burroughs To Spice Up Your Day/Night

Hello Yes Hello.

Too long. My apologies. Too busy, for sure. And so Life, it goes on...

Herein you will find many links regarding William S. Burroughs, some with sound, some with vid, all with some manner of writing from or about Uncle Bill.
Of particular interest:
2 of the pics contain links, one of which is an excellent bbc programme narrated by Laurie Anderson regarding William and his influence upon others. Further infos follow.
The other link is for an excerpt from Real English Tea Made Here. Puertos De Los Santos, to be exact.
Also, follow the Giorno links to UbuWeb archive mp3s. Brilliant.

At any rate, I hope this finds you well and in as good a health as you can muster.

Hello? Yes! hello.

Printed Matter Synopsis
"Real English Tea Made Here is an anthology of the cut-up tapes of William S. Burroughs. Containing rare and unpublished material, of over three hours duration, the collection provides a valuable insight into Burroughs' methodology and constitutes an important document of his expansion from cut-ups on paper to vocal permutations and sonic experimentation.
The tapes curated as Real English Tea Made Here were originally created in Tangier and New York in the early 1960s using reel-to-reel analogue tape, sound-on-sound technology. "
"An invisible hand presses the record button on the radio, then stops: advertisements vying with weather reports for the New York area are intercut with news stories about death in its various forms – murder, plane crashes, foreign wars. Then the low, slow voice intones: ‘Sometimes happens just an old showman smell of sickness in the room Switzerland Panama City machine guns in Baghdad pieces of finance on the afternoon wind.’
Recorded in 1965, the 33-minute ‘Puertos De Los Santos’ is one of the rare and previously unreleased William S. Burroughs cut-up tapes collected on the triple-CD album Real English Tea Made Here. "
"Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted
Laurie Anderson profiles one of the most extraordinary writers and thinkers of the 20th century. William Burroughs was a leading figure of the Beat generation, hugely influential among musicians and artists from the 1970s to the present day and responsible for the dark side of American culture entering mainstream consciousness.
The programme features recordings of Burroughs's spoken word performances over a soundscape of noise and music from artists whom he inspired."

Audio Research Editions

Interesting Archival Entry At Grey Lodge.
UBUWeb Giorno Poetry Systems:

Cut Up Generator

Cut Up Machine

Cut Up Engine

WSB Paris Review Interview

the ghost of william s burroughs



Anonymous said...

Hi Wassonii, nice to have you back!
I hope, you had some nice musick with you, when you had to work.

All the best


wassonii said...

hello hello. it's good to be back.
nice musicks, thank you.
have you heard the new release from sion organ? thighpaul good stuffs!
take care!

Anonymous said...

My friend, I had almost given up on you! I love WSB, I love wassonii!

wassonii said...

hiya handsome:)
don't give up on me yet. Of late, I have had time to lurk and little else, unfortunately even in my email accounts, donchaknow.
Been sitting on these for a bit, just had to wait for the stars to align. Sure hope all is well with you and thank the cat wot hooked you up with the "remastered" dij. and thank you!
hope this finds you well.

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