Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Threshold Houseboys Choir/CoH...from Russia with Love:)

A great big thank you to FrauSchmerz for taking the time to record and post these awesome offerings. Please take the time to let the good Frau know what a kind thing it is they have done.

More from these glorious musicians and others can be found at the FrauSchmerz link above.

Danke meine Frau!

SoiSong blog lists these as 9 October, while they are posted as 9 September.
Reghardless, awesome.





The Shivering Manatee said...

Marvelous ! Great to hear that the Threshold Houseboys Choir material has been developed further. It's sounding fantastic.

wassonii said...

I was extremely happy to have found the vids and to hear the progression as well.
i am trying my damndest to get to Brainwaves, but don't know quite how that will work out.
Good stuffs for the earholes:)

Bogdan said...

Fabulous blog! I'm very greatful for all the Coil posts especially...
I have a question regarding the first CD of the Dutch Radio4 Supplement - I read that there should be a "Coil Mix 1 (1983-1986)" in the last part of it, but I couldn't find it in your post... can you please post this also? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I loved all videos esp the performance of CoH! simply amazing.

e.b. said...

i was there; it was great, certainly.

have you any audiorecords from this 2 concerts in russia?

wassonii said...

I can only imagine the intensity up close and sidereal. At this point, I have been unable to locate an audio, though I haven't given up total hope. Have you seen the SoiSong MySpace blog recently? That Blue Velvet edition of their Blue gig in Italy looks real tasty, though it's that DVD I want to see. Anyway, that's all I know for now. I will not be able to make it to brainwaves, but as soon as I find a youtube or other rendition of the THBC performance, i'll do my best to share.
Be well!