Thursday, November 27, 2008

Threshold HouseBoys Choir Excerpts from Brainwaves

Gods bless UlNiIndustries

I am thankful (also to the inimitable F for hipping me- you are a true childe of the gods:)


Mcdrunk said...

Supposedly the Threshold Houseboys Choir Amulet 3" cds will be released on the Threshold website within the next day or so.... they're extremely limited (lmt. to 150-200, unfortunately like most Coil releases) and will be £65... these are the unsigned ones, the signed ones were only available at the Brainwaves show.

wassonii said...

Sleazy had said something about a few signed going through his ebay seller and the remaining, yes would be unsigned. I've heard a couple of tracks and have been saving my shekels, as it is quite lovely.
Thank you for the heads up toward TH:)