Sunday, June 21, 2009

4, 3, 2, 1, 1 Happy Solstice

Addendum 25 july 2009:
Four will remain here for a little bit longer because as stated below, the sets represented thereon are available elsewhere here at wassonii. Ostensibly, all four will be on CSO and so, I leave you with 4. And now, back to the original post...

Currently, Live One and Three have sold out at the Theshold House Shop with no intent of restock until after CSO (from TH: "and when sold will be withdrawn for the time being, although video/audio and "karaoke projections" versions of most of the different Coil live shows will be available (in time for Christmas, fingers crossed!) on the much awaited Coil Video boxset; "Colour, Sound, Oblivion"")
At the time of this writing, Live Two is available in LIMITED QUANTITIES from the TH Shop.
Live Four hasn't been available for some time.
Theoretically, all of these will be on CSO, which unkle sleazE will (hopefully) be putting the finishing touches on CSO after the TG tour wraps up.
The two sets combined to form Live Four are available on this blog, just look for the Coil Live subject link.
With an ear toward making you want to, have to buy CSO, hear what will be part.
These are here for an extremely limited time.

Brainwashed Coil page has June 2009 news entry
That is all for now.
Take care!


Red Cell said...

As always, thank you for another lovely post!

wassonii said...

And as always, you are welcome:)
I am really pleased with the sound upgrades from what I have heard versus what Sleazy has cleaned up. Save those shekels for CSO!