Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh YouTube and your denizens... THBC at Equinox, Soisong at the Experimenta Club Madrid '08, Sleazy and Ivan in Turin '08

First, Sleazy at Equinox. On the list, DH sends this with the header "Sleazy's Meryl Streep Story". Thank you very much for the heads up!
Again from zodkia (thankyouthankyouthankyou:), this, though, is the last song from the set. I have it on good and reliable authority (gods bless you F) that while the rest of the set was from the Amulet Edition, this piece is entirely new. Lovely!

From expclub we have some short clips of Soisong's Madrid set from last year:

IcaroLondon has graced us to the pre-show antics of Sleazy and Ivan in Turin 2008 prior to the reworking of Angelic Conversation.

There appear to be a clip or two more I hadn't seen, short though they be. Do a search for Soisong at Youtube for more.

That's all, folks (at least for now)

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