Saturday, July 11, 2009

TG Heaven 21 June 2009

Image taken by rileyelfuk Used currently without permission, though I hope to remedy tht soon and will duly note it asap. Do, though check out their flickr as it contains further images from this set as well as the second. I found the flickr set via Mutazione Urbana where there is also an image and link for Chris Carter's Flickr set.
Thanks again to BC for the beautiful archiving and permission. Springbankistan just gets tighter.
2)Live Ray
3)Hamburger Lady
4)Almost A Kiss
6)What A Day


Anonymous said...

Hey, Wassonii,
thank you very, very, very much for the tracks. I have been in Copenhagen, was very impressed. Now I am waiting, if somebody taped the Gig there....
TG are still the greatest!!!!!

all the best for You

barbelith said...

i was at this show and found it quite lacklustre - i have a feeling that it wasn't the set they were prepared to do.

the second show however was incredible.

thanks for the post and the blog

wassonii said...

You are welcome. Haven't heard tell of the Copenhagen set being available, but I will keep my eyes and ears peeled.
barbelith you are welcome for all. In comparison, I hear what you mean:)

automating said...

hello there,
thanks very much for the both shows. after listening, i thought set 1 was the best of the tour, including USA. But set 2, which i don't listen to yet, looks promising. what a quartet. & what a 12": TG NOW jerome

burialchamber said...

A little bird in the know tells me that "the sudden finish to the first set was due to sleazy's laptop crashing. not sure why they couldn't just wing it until he rebooted, but there we go. it did mean the early bods didn't get the full-on, blow-your-stomach-out-bass version of discipline that they finished with second time around. great gigs."

wassonii said...

Thank you:)