Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Threshold HouseBoys Choir Equinox Audio

Image taken by and thankfully given permission for its use by JPaul23. Do check out the gorgeous Flickr he has!

Headlining Sunday evening at The Equinox Festival from 14 June 2009, this is The Threshold HouseBoys Choir. Sleazy giving an "Introductory Course On The Subject Of Belief". Beyond any words I can muster, please check out ThresholdHouse for updates. All musicks save the last full track are from the Amulet Edition, currently still available through TH. The new track is stunningly beautiful. I sat and listened to it this morning while greeting the sun. Proper.
Thank you to Burial Chamber for the access to this and for letting me put it here.

1.Intro/As X Is To Geff
3.Ikoreek continued
4.Ikoreek End
5.The Hangman's Ball
7.Discourse On Broken Movie
8.Discourse On Broken Movie and Violent Imagery
9.Be Happy
10.New Song
11.End of Show Applause


The Shivering Manatee said...

Ahh, thank you very much. The last track in particular was a wondrous moment......"wow, did he really do that ?"

wassonii said...

It is my great pleasure. I haven't been able to listen to that track without smiling through tears (a bit awkward at work, I must say:)

Anonymous said...

The melody is Offering Chant and two other versions (the one he was listening to on the train, he also says here: ) is on Rain Of Blessings by Jean-Philippe Rykiel & Lama Gyurme (RealWorld 2000)

mike said...

thank you for this. that last song is... I don't know. How? how does it work? everything is better now.

I was skeptical when I heard the first THBC track, but I think I'm sold. Would love to see the videos.