Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colour Sound Oblivion

It has arrived. The advance and pre-order editions are in the people's hands.
On ebay, numbers 666, 777, 888, and 1000 will be offered, proceeds going to benefit the Jhonn Balance Memorial Fund.
The regular edition is imminently due. Infos at ThresholdHouse.
With that in mind, I will pull all links for those shows represented in CSO.
For those whom weren't aware, discs 15/16 (The Coil Reconstruction Kit) have been uploaded to under a Creative Commons license. These comprise all visuals and backing tracks used for the Coil Live shows from 2000 - 2004.
I have not yet had the chance to go through all, but most of it, and may I say it is the finest record of Coil I could possibly have imagined, and then some.
I will be posting my thoughts upon completion.

CSO at Discogs
DVD contents:

DVD1 Air Gallery, London, 1983-08-24 (CSO 1)
DVD2 Sonar, Barcelona, 2000-06-17 (CSO 2)
DVD3 Convergence, New York, 2001-08-18 (CSO 3)
DVD4 DK Gorbunova, Moscow, 2001-09-15 (CSO 4)
DVD5 Teatro Delle Celebrazioni, Bologna, 2002-04-06 (CSO 5)
DVD6 New Forms, Den Haag, 2002-06-07 (CSO 6)
DVD7 Flex, Vienna (+ Prague), 2002-10-29 (CSO 7)
DVD8 Vagonka, Konigsberg, 2002-09-29 (CSO 8)
DVD9 Ydrogeios, Thessaloniki, 2002-10-05 (CSO 9)
DVD10 Mutek, Montreal, 2003-05-29 (CSO 10)
DVD11 La Loco, Paris, 2004-05-23 (CSO 11)
DVD12 Melkweg, Amsterdam, 2004-06-03 (CSO 12)
DVD13 (Selvagina), Jesi, 2004-06-11 (CSO 13)
DVD14 City Hall, Dublin, 2004-10-23 (CSO 14)
DVD15 The Coil Reconstruction Kit Disc One (CSO 15)
DVD16 The Coil Reconstruction Kit Disc Two (CSO 16)


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the photos and text - cannot afford at this time but produced vicarious thrill

wassonii said...

The dublin set is on YT at sickman1966 channel, fyi

Dualtrack said...

Coil - Spoiler Talks (2002)
DivX | 352x288 | 25fps | 70 minute

A 110-minute recording of a lecture/workshop presented by Coil at the Spoiler electronic culture centre in Vienna, Austria on October 30th, 2002. This release is limited to one copy which can be borrowed free of charge from the Spoiler library in Vienna.

This is a really rare video. It was released in 1 copy on DVD. You could borrow it for free from Spoiler library in Vienna.
Since 2004 Spoiler library don't exist anymore so it's almost impossible to get this one. Anyways i managed to get it, hope you guys enjoy it

wassonii said...

Thank you! I have a copy, but hadn't gotten Sleazy's permission to do a proper post yet. I'll leave it here in the comments for now and will ask him again to do a proper-like post. Merci!