Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skullflower Supersonic Saturday 25 July 2009

StrangeGlue had this to say:

"What would have happened if the (apparent) mainman of Skullflower had not detected a “bass hum” that he clearly felt was ruining their set? He interrupted their wall of feedback after five minutes to snap at the sound engineer and insist that each member of the three piece group turn up their instruments slowly to discover the source of the seemingly grave offence."

1 is the lead-up to the interruption. 2 is the continuation after. In the pics, as usual.

Drowned In Sound mused before attending:

" More drones from Matthew Bower’s principle vehicle of the last two decades. As with many of their peers, Skullflower combine a hefty lifespan with a virtual total change in personnel since their glory days, and this latest incarnation is actually closer in spirit and sound to Bower’s Hototogisu project than the bag who first emerged on Broken Flag in the last Eighties. Let’s hope for this set they dole out some of the loopier psyche doom of their earlier days along with the slightly more staid later material. "

All thanks to BC for access!

Matt Bower at Wiki and Discogs
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