Saturday, July 21, 2007

In My Father's House Are Many Mansions...excerpts

For some, Andrew Liles will be a familiar name through his work with Nurse With Wound.
Here, I would like to introduce you to his further collaborations, not only with Stapleton and Colin Potter, but Aranos, Aaron Moore from Volcano The Bear, Jonathan Coleclough, Irr.App.(ext.) and more.
Due to the availability of this disc, I will not post the whole thing, however, I feel more people should hear the work of Liles, so an excerpt is here.
Full tracklisting (excerpted herein are marked with an asterisk):
Paul Bradley Journey Remix
*Colin Potter All Doors Open
*Aaron Moore Auto Manipulator - Trumpet Mix
*Jonathan Coleclough Aviophilia
Ruse The Ether Reel Rendered
Band of Pain Apathy in the UK (Blast# 3)
*Bass Communion Something to do with Hans Bellmer in a Pub at Last Orders using 15th Century Rural Magic
*Aranos Auto Manipulator - Gong Mix
Darren Tate Lite
*Irr. App (Ext)Ape Greasing Resonant Curvature Around Antiseptic Orifice
The Hafler Trio Song of the Ergophile
Unsong Te Whare Ao Aitu (Waits In Double Bed)
vidnaObmana 8 O'Clock
*Nurse With Wound Soliloquy for Lile(s)th
Freiband Reis
Please stop by the Andrew Liles site, as there are many titles available, mp3s and 4s, plus new titles in the works. I'll be excerpting parts of The Vortex Vault soon, so please check back.
If you like his collaborations, wait til you hear the solo work:)
I've pulled the link for The Dead Submariner, as it is still available from Beta-lactam Ring Records as part of the deluxe edition of The Dying Submariner. I shall likely replace it with an excerpt similar to this, with more infos. (By the by, BlR has a killer catalogue, including tons of stuff other than, but including, their releases.)

Review for "In My Father's House..." excerpt from Vital Weekly:
"At times the mixes remain close to the original gentle collages (like the mixes by Bradley or the very recognizable piano theme Potter uses) or more like soundscapes such as the tracks by Coleclough, Tate, Nurse With Wound (a Soliloquy no less) and Bass Communion. Ruse and The Hafler Trio deliver trademark, more abstract versions and Freiband submits, compared to the other tracks, the noisiest piece of them all. It is interesting to note that as much as these tracks are made by individual artists with individual styles, this CD still sounds as a coherent project, which makes for enjoyable listening and is probably why this is released under the name Andrew Liles. Another intriguing and highly enjoyable addition to the already impressive Liles-catalogue. (FK)"

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