Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stereolab Live At The Variety Playhouse 1999

Above image culled from KickBrightZine , wherein a fan details seeing this show and following Stereolab to Athens for the next night's performance.
Here , another fan in 2002 describes their take on Stereolab live in most positive terms.
I didn't go to this show, but love this recording as though I did. Taped from the audience, it's nice to hear the band's rapport, the fan's appreciation, and that voice!
Miss Modular
Infinity Girl
Escape Pod
Free Design
Op Hop Detonation
Metronomic Underground
Avant Garde M.O.R.
Blips Drips and Strips
People Do It All The Time
Analogue Rock
Blue Milk
The Seeming And The Meaning
Come And Play In The Milky Night
Low F:
John Cage Bubblegum

Stereolab Proper
Sterolab Wiki
Stereolab Radio

Above: Les Yper Sound [live on Jools Holland]


Aharon said...

I saw Stereolab on their 199 tour and they were superb. And this was the first show I saw where the use of strobe and shiny things had a truly wondrous psychedelic synchronicity with the music. So happy to see them live when they were all together.

wassonii said...

Lucky! Haven't heard much of them live, but I think this is a fantastic archive of that point in their creative existence.

Soma said...

Can someone re-upload Part 2? Please and thanks.

wassonii said...

It is now 1 file in the first picture. I'll be checking others, too, tomorrow and updating CSO-related files. Thank you.