Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Coil Live - Fabrik, Hamburg Germany 10 April 2002

10 April 2002


Hamburg Germany


Anarcadia/All Horned Animals (Remote Viewing 2)

Amethyst Deceivers


A Cold Cell


Paranoid Inlay

Sick Mirrors



Above image a stylisation of an Austin Spare piece.

For this set, the musts are the last three tracks in particular. A very moving yet meditative take on Sick Mirrors leading it's way toward a spectacular finish in Backwards. A very cleanly recorded set, yielding one of the finer versions of A Cold Cell.

Thanks as always to F for access and to Sleazy for permission to post.

Should any of this set be included in Colour Sound Oblivion, I shall pull it from the blog.



Anonymous said...

Beautifully recorded! I'm in heaven with this set... Thank you so much!!!

dick said...

another great Coil posting - thank you!

PS - any clue where to find the "animal are you" track from the Duplais Balance absinthe set?

Anonymous said...

You have to comm & auratz Stockausen don't you?

Zotenschmied said...

thanks for your great work with the coil live recordings. i currenlty try to get my hands on all the concerts you uploaded and compare them to the ones i have.

you could find the following ones interesting as you have not yet uploaded these:

2001 wave gotik treffen leipzig
2002 volksb├╝hne berlin
2002 alte spinnerei glauchau
2004 london ocean

Anonymous said...

really love the live coil stuff, i haven't listened to coil for years - having been utterly devastated by the crapness of the snow ep.. i'm so glad i dipped my toes back in..


wassonii said...

That ep and the collected windowpane/snow, though representative of the coil touch on that genre of sound, is perhaps not the best representation of the whole. Glad you like these offerings. Been away for a minute or two, so it's good that these are tiding people over til CSO hits. Please be sure to check out "because god told me to do it" in the links. He's got some of the other parts of coil's live incarnation. be well!

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!