Sunday, August 12, 2007

Porto, Portugal June 21st, 2003 Casa da Música Festival

[Blue Rats, Triple Sun, Radio Westin, Drip Drop, The First Five Minutes After Death]
No Balance.
An interesting companion to the also Balance-less Mutek , currently at Because God Told Me To Do It
Oh what a difference a few weeks makes.
The above image is some manner of promo photo, culled from Discogs.

The below image is a sticker of foreshadow. Soon, very soon...(and culled from Brainwashed Gallery)
"An "authorized bootleg" of Coil's live performance in Porto, Portugal on June 21st, 2003 was released on CD in September via unknown sources..."
I believe that the referenced bootleg had track separation and related artwork. It is still available from some retailers, should you want the packaging.
It's possible, too, this will be part of CSO. If that happens, not only will the official release sound better, this post will be moot.
Currently available as download through Threshold House


igle said...

thank you for this release. Can you upload on rapidshare. Sendspace is not friendly...

wassonii said...

I empathise completely with your thoughts regarding Sendspace. Just took some noodling, but RS, it is.
All the beast!

igle said...

Many thanks for new uploads. Great cd

wassonii said...

My pleasure, for sure.
Be well!

Daniel said...

first i had to say that this side is GREAT!!!! COIL FOREVER!!!!

but this one's says that there where no files found...:(

best wishes, daniel from cologne

wassonii said...

Hello Daniel and i hope all is well.
While the cds are no longer available from ThresholdHouse, the download of this show is.
The correct link to the DL info is in the photos of this post.
Please let me know if you have any difficulties or if, for some reason, the DL doesn't work and we'll figure something out here.
Thank you for the kind words.
Take care