Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zos Kia Coil Silence & Secrecy (Live Magenta Club 5 August 1983)

From Coil Live at Wiki :

"Experimental music group Coil's live incarnation has a distinct legacy of its own. The initial performances took place in 1983, however they stopped playing live for 16 years after a mere four performances. The first Coil release, a collaboration with Zos Kia titled Transparent, includes a track from the first Coil performance as well as the last 1983 performance. According to the liner notes of Transparent, during Coil's second performance, which was videotaped by Peter Christopherson, John Gosling pees on John Balance. Nick Cave, who was in the audience at the time, promptly left[1]. Marc Almond is also credited for performing that night while Christopherson is only credited for providing back up tapes during the event."

This, then, is the second night's performance. All thanks to Sleazy for permission and F for access.

Coil proper Coil at Rare Vinyl Network


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n-rich said...

Don't suppose you also have a recording of the support acts? Crystal Clytia was one of Diana Rogerson's early pseudonyms (pre-Nurse With Wound).

wassonii said...

At this point, unfortunately I do not have access to any but the Coil. Definitely keeping an eye and ear out, though.

J.H.M. said...

I thought that only the Air Gallery Show was on CSO. If I'm mistaken, then I *really* would like some cash right now...

Regardless, your blog is a paragon of musical excellence.

wassonii said...

You are correct abt. Air vs. Magenta. I got a little ahead of myself (and had been saving that show for last, having begun w/ Dublin in my viewing). Currently uploading, I will amend again to reflect some manner of accuracy. And thank you. A little Coil-heavy, but now that I am back online at home, I hope to add some diversity without the sporadic nature. Take care!