Monday, August 20, 2007

ELpH Live Volksbuehne, Berlin (14 December 1999)

From Coil at Answers :

"Coil's live incarnation has a distinct legacy of its own. The first live shows took place in 1983, but after only four performances, sixteen years would pass before they would play together again.[4]
On December 14 1999 Coil performed Elph.zwölf at Volksbuehne in Berlin. Although the performance lasted just under eighteen minutes, it marked the beginning of a new era of live performances. Coil would go on to perform close to fifty additional concerts, with varied set lists as well as performers."

Here, then, is that performance as ELpH in 1999, the first live edition of Coil since 1983.

Brief but powerful, this takes the same musical path their contribution to the Raster-Noton 20' to 2000 series travelled and was a precursor of many sounds in a live milieu to grace the oeuvre of Coil. A must for the completist ; a brief introduction to the abilities of Sleazy and Jhonn to take simple components of sound and weave them together into a magickal aural tapestry for the novice.

A huge thank you to F without whom I would never have been able to hear this, let alone share.

Above image from Brainwashed gallery and is shown to be ELpH.
The below image and link are for a Sleazy project not yet realised.

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