Friday, August 10, 2007

Gent 2-4-02

With the blessings of Sleazy , the live incarnations continue.

Gent, Belgium 2 Aprille 2002

Queer Wolf

Amethyst Deceivers


A Cold Cell


Paranoid Inlay



Easily one of my favourite sets. Balance's vocals transend space and time, much like the sonic forces generated behind/around him.

Single track. 192

Coil Site Coil live infos from here to here.

While you're at it, swing by Because God Told Me To Do It whom has just added the Mutek '03 show. To see other Coil postings on Wassonii, please go here.

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William said...

thank you very much for this, and for all the coil live you've posted! also: i don't know if it matters so close to CSO, but if you're interested i've split this one into tracks, and am planning on doïng the same with Mind Your Head and Persistance Is All