Sunday, November 4, 2007

Live Coil Il Violino E La Selce Festival Jesi, Italy 11 June 2004

Available on CSO

The show that became edited into Selvaggina took place at Il Violino E La Selce Festival, Jesi-Italy on 11 June 2004.
The Gimp (Sometimes)
Sex With Sun Ra
All The Pretty Little Horses
Tattooed Man (The Dark Age Of Love)
Teenage Lightning (10th Birthday)
Wraiths And Strays
Black Antlers (Where's Your Child)
Bang Bang
Amethyst Deceivers
Listen and enjoy. This is not the cleaned up official release of Selvaggina, so I would urge you all to compare sound mastering with the official and note the difference that will be apparent between these Coil Live Archives and when Colour Sound Oblivion is released. (Please, god, let it be soon)
Thanks as always to F for access and Sleazy for permission. Should this be reissued on CSO, I will pull it from this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this wonderful Coil stuff. Very much appreciated!


arsinoe said...

Thank you so much !!!!

Mortiis31 said...

Thanks so much...but - where are the links hidden, mate?

wassonii said...

in the pics, babe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Wasn't the gig itself on the 11th June rather than July?

wassonii said...

Indeed it was June. I imagine I had the Selvaggina release date in mind. At least that's the story with which I am sticking:)