Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coil Live Muffathalle - Munchen, Germany 07 April 2002

07 April, 2002 Muffathalle Munich


Anarcadia - All Horned Animals (Queer Wolf/Remote Viewing 2)

Amethyst Deceivers


A Cold Cell


Paranoid Inlay

Sick Mirrors



A fantastic set. I've been saving this one. It's a great inbetween from 2001 to the latter part of 2002, with excellent recording quality, sublime and moving Balance, as well as stellar sounds from Sleazy, Thighpaul, and Ossian, plus...
As with the other sets, should this one see release on Colour Sound Oblivion I'll pull it from this blog.
Thank you manyfold: F for access and Sleazy for permission.
Manic, unsettling, and beautiful beyond words. But then, I am biased:)
Links in the pics above.
Be well.


dance of the fetus said...

Excellent Coil live-recordings.

Thanks a lot!

arsinoe said...


some time already that I fill my brain with rare and delicious music taken from your blog.

Thank you so much for the COIL lives, really thank you.

nicolas from Paris, France

PS: if ever you would post "selvaggina..." from the COIL live serie, you would make me the happiest

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff. But is the 2nd part coming as well? (Backwards won't unzip without part 2 which i can't find... :(

wassonii said...

It's the second image.
And you are all welcome.
I will see what I can do re: Selvaggina.
Be well:0