Friday, November 27, 2009

COLOUR SOUND OBLIVION (sooner rather than later)

In case you missed it, we released an advance Patron's Edition, on Wednesday just before I got on the plane to come home, whereby if you paid immediately you would get a Certificate of Purchase, for the forthcoming Coil video Boxset. Rather unexpectedly, they sold out in about 3 hours! To everyone that has written regarding "missing it":

First of all THANK YOU so much for your enthusiasm - the response was way, way beyond our expectations.

We made this advance offer now, simply in order to raise the not-insubstantial funds to finance manufacture of the boxes and their very extensive contents (and by the way not to profit from the Edition by a single penny - though some people on the Coil-list etc seem to regard us as "profiteering" which only shows how much thought they give anything!)

I'm very grateful to report the manufacturing costs have now been achieved.

We thought it might take 3 months to sell the Patrons edition, rather than three hours! The Patron's Certificates have now all been spoken for, and will ship in the next few days. They are simply a gesture of gratitude to those (effectively randomly selected) who basically loaned us their money till the boxes are finished.

(Incidentally if you should see a Patrons Certificate on ebay or elsewhere, you will only be bidding on the Certificate itself - we will be shipping to our list of original purchasers only, and to be honest, if we find a member of the public actually "profiteering" by trying to auction a Patrons edition now, please let us know - we may accidentally 'forget' to send his box out! The real profiteers annoy the hell out of us, also!)

However the Patrons edition does promise various extras, gifts etc over and above the regular edition once it comes out, and it does not seem fair to penalise those who just missed them because the edition sold out so extraordinarily and unexpectedly quickly, so we WILL be making a "pre-order" offer, much like Amazon and the rest do.

When this becomes available, EVERYONE that makes their pre-order within four weeks of it being made will receive the same package and contents as the Patron's edition, when it is finally ready. These will only be limited by ordering time-window, not by quantity - as long as you get it together to register your pre-order within the four weeks, you will get the full package when ready. Please note we quite often get people who write saying they haven't the funds now but can we 'reserve' one. This is not usually very easy and is unfair to those who do have the money now, so please if you think you might be in this position, start now putting a little away every week, or making other arrangements to access the funds when the time comes. (We do take Paypal too, BTW...)

Due to the regulations covering credit cards, we are not allowed to open a pre-order more than 3 months before the item is shipping, and I am anticipating it will take the factory here in Thailand most of February and March to press, print and assemble everything, so we cannot open this "pre-order" facility till all of the Masters are ready to go to be "proofed" which will take the rest of this year at least, so expect the Pre-Order facility to open in early January.

We will send everyone who wrote in, an email, when the pre-order facility is opened and you will then have 4 weeks to make your order (though orders will ship on a first-come-first served-basis, so earlier is better! ,-) As with the Patrons edition, you will still have to wait up to (a maximum of) 3 months to receive your box.

Once the boxes are in and all of the Patrons boxes have shipped, as well as all the boxes that you pre-order, the rest will become the "Regular edition" These will not include the "special extras" , and will not be limited but will still be a pretty nice package with 14 or more dvds, up to 100 postcards of Coil, very nice packaging etc - People who would prefer to wait till they are actually in stock, before paying out their hard earned cash (which is completely reasonable) will be able to see actual photos of the finished collection, and will have the reassurance that they should receive it as quickly as the post or courier can manage. If we do end up selling any boxes through distributors to stores etc it will only be the regular edition, and likely considerably more expensive.

So PLEASE DON"T PANIC, or get pissed off. IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

Since you are already a Known Collector and Enthusiast (you are on our List! ,-), it is NOT the policy of Threshold House to restrict your personal access to any of the "good stuff".

Incidentally, if you are one of those odd people who for some reason only want a copy of a single Coil show, like the one where you got married... had your first Trip... orgasm... epileptic fit... (who knows ,-)? or had some other Epiphany experience, we will be making the individual show dvds available (though probably not the projection, audio backing track discs etc) some time during 2011, at a "commercial" price, and without all the box, postcards, and fun stuff - Just so you know...

As the final selections of shows and videos, and decisions about final box and packaging are made, prototypes received etc. we will be posting photos and info about them here, so if you want to watch the Collection develop, and tantalise (or torment ,-) your anticipation and imagination please look in every week or so.

If you have time over the Holidays take a moment to sit quiet and just take a few deep breaths, simply for the way you begin to feel.. because when you do, you may find that sometime in 2010 you become Inexplicably & Surprisingly Happy...

Anyway, I'm sending my best for 2010...


Thanks again for your continuing interest, enthusiasm and support...

unkle sleazy

(aka peter christopherson)

& all the threshold houseboys
plus all the wonderful ELphs at greedbag/state51...

I promise to update the rest of this site, as soon as I get a chance ;-)

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