Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strange and Wondrous: Knifeladder in Wroclaw 8th Industrial Festival 7 Nov 09

Found while listening to Soisong.
Knifeladder's installment in Poland. Mr. Murphy and friends laying it out.
via phantasmagoria's channel.
do leave them a comment there. other lovelies to behold.
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Knifeladder Official

From the official:
"Knifeladder was formed by John Murphy and Andrew Trail in 1998 as a result of a chance meeting in Temple Underground Station. Knifeladder uses hand played electronics, tribal military drums, ethnic instrumentation, found sound and heavily sonic bass to create a form of Organic Industrial Music. Using rhythmic ritual repetitions, jarring angular sounds and frantic primal energies, Knifeladder has found a home outside of standard genre definitions of noise/folk/experimental to be everything and nothing to do with conventional approaches to avant rock music"

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