Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soisong Reunion Tour at YouTube - Broken Sounds #1, Stadtgarten, Cologne, 09. Nov. 2009

Uploaded by nightwatch01 Please check their channel and leave comments. This set gets better each go 'round.
Make sure to check Soisong myspace for 2010 dates and locations.

A total of 8 parts. Worth every second. Beautiful

slamlockmaster has also uploaded the concert.

here is their part 1 (of 7). Make sure to check their channel too.

Good times, friends, good times.

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Ivars said...


This is again Sleepless from Latvia on the thid day of mourning - five years since Jhonn's death, so five days of mourning with as The Legendary Pink Dots sing in their immortal hit Legacy ... too many tablets (clonazepam), too much vine (beer, in this case).
But actually when I was watching all Coil videos (and also those of PTV where PC and JB could be involved) I found out that I have a Berlin Atonal (02-12-1983) video... yet not the Coil/Zos Kia set, but Psychic TV set (and I think incomplete), but it definatelly features Sleazy, and if I am not completely wrong alsi JB - then Geff Rushton (yet in very breef fragments, as almiost all attention are on GPO). I have never seen this video on your site, so if you don't have it and are interested, I could try to share it, just send me a word.

Also, on 8th November The Legendary Pink Dots where here in Riga, Latvia. As I got permission (from their sound guy Reimond) to record the show I wanted them to ask to dedicate the show or to say at least some words for Jhonn, but unfortunatelly Edward (Ka-Spel) was not in the mood to talk to me before the show, so nothing of that happened, althouhg they ended two of their biggest hits "Grain Kings" and "Just a Lifetime" (if I am not wrong) with "Constant Shallownes Leads to Evil" kind of creschendo (only some 4 min. except of 16 min.). Anyway... after the show I talked with Edward about the possibility to dedicate something or to make some Coil like inmprovisation or even a cover on the actual date 13th of November when they had a concert in Paris, France... he sed he likes Coil very much although met them (or Jhonn) only once and would be glad to do it, yet as their touring schedule is too tight they won't have to time to rehearse all that, yet... if th3 mirracle will happen (he promissed then to record the show and send it to me)... I willl spred it OR ... I talked to John of Important Records. He did not promissed anything as he said he never was a big fan of The Dots, but if there will be some coil on that record he will give some thought about releasing it. BUT please don't spread it as a fact, as he gave no pomises about that.

Thank you, for all the stuff. It is brilliant. Keep up the god work. I even kind of admire you.

Yes and some times don't forget to check out my Coil page: http://klab.lv/users/cloud_zero/

Take care!