Monday, November 2, 2009

Soisong The Reunion Tour : sounds, links, thoughts

The images used herein are from Soisong Myspace (above) and Soisong The Reunion Tour Page (below), both of which can be reached via the links provided. Do visit them. Worthwhile.
Now 3/5ths of the way through this leg of the tour, some lucky few in Poland and Germany still have the opportunity in a few days to catch Soisong on tour. IkeSnopes was kind enough to provide a lovely clip from the IKRA showing on 29 October 2009 in Moscow. Some incredible vid to back up the sounds. And the sounds. Full and realised. Fresh yet familiar.
Coming off that high (and shortly after posting said vid) a kind soul known only as substrom sent along a link and has graciously given permission to post it here. From the IKRA show, here is AUDIO. I have been listening to it fairly non-stop for the last 6 or so hours. One long track, as it should be. xAj3z is well-represented and just so damn well done. I keep hearing nuances not yet realised. Live, it must be spectacular. A killer take on jam talay say at the end to wrap it up nicely. Highly recommended. I can only hope there will be further recordings to surface as well as vid.
Thank you substrom.


Anonymous said...

SoiSong VIII Wrocław Industrial Festival recorded by mnulot.

wassonii said...

Funny thing: I was posting as you were commenting. Thank you

substrom said...

Hey, i've upped the full 'ikra club' set to youtube:

wassonii said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I appreciate your taking the time to share such a great set (in two formats, even:). Hope all is well. If I had checked email yesterday or even this AM before hitting YT, I'd have gotten to this sooner. Better late than never. And thank you again!