Sunday, September 2, 2007

On A Brief Hiatus

So, what began as a holiday of sorts has now turned into a brief hiatus due to the laptop being most ill (source of good wifi connects) and the musicks to which I have access being on the home desktop (prey to the evils of dial up:(
Ah, microsoft, why do you vex me so;-)
At any rate, this will be more sporadic than usual while I deal with warranties and borrowed connects (thank goodness for the flash drive:)
Hope all is well in blogland.
Some places to spy while tooling around:
among others (which can be found in the links section)
Hope all is well with everyone as we creep closer ever to Fall.


armeur H said...

Have a nice holydays ! and hope we see you soon !

Anonymous said...

I don't understand... Is this goodbye FOREVER!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!
Seriously, I have been waiting for your next post, and when it finally came, it was a hiatus notice.
Thanks for the nod. Come back soon, and shoot me a note to let me know that you are posting again.

wassonii said...

I'll finagle something.
I am on dial up at home (as I can't really justify paying the other rates when a certain company has a lock on being the provider for the complex in which I live. Ah, capitalism.)
I promise I'll be back. I am definitely trolling the sphere, just going to have to figure out the ways of laptops, hardrives, and warranties.
I'll holler when it's all good. Definitely not gone for good.
All love, my brother!