Friday, September 7, 2007

Coil Live St John's Church, Gdansk, Poland 24 October 2002

Bueno, Hello, Aloha, etc.
Perseverance IS all (and a little patience doesn't hurt, either:)
Still, I am returned.
Hope this finds everyone well and such.
Thought everyone might appreciate this, I know I love it.


Sine Waves
Last Rites Of Spring
Amethyst Deceivers
Warning From The Sun
The Universe Is A Haunted House
I Don't Want To Be The One
Bang Bang
Are You Shivering?

A companion set to the post at Because God Told Me To Do It from the night of 25 October, 2002.
256, by the way.

p.s. a big thank you to F for allowing this to be available to me and to Sleazy for allowing me to post these live sets.

As always, Colour Sound Oblivion is imminently due and any of these which appear therein will be removed from this site.

pps 1/4/9

unearthly red was an incorrect tracklisting. It should have been and now reads "The Universe Is A Haunted House" thank you.

ppps 16 June 2009

A very humble thank you to Timur for taking the time and having the good ear to sleuth out what is an honest mistake, but now becomes a question. (Look in the comments to see our discussion)

Apparently the set posted here as 24 October is the same performance listed as 25 October (currently posted at "Because God Told Me To Do It" (see link in sidebar)) from a different recorder. If our ears stand corrected, I will eat the pie again, but the questions, they come. Which date is this exactly? And whence t'other? Oh CSO, please be here when you can. And remember all content posted here that is on Colour Sound Oblivion will be removed from the site, although the sound qualities will be so vastly improved, ya won't care. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Glad your back!!!!

wassonii said...

Very good to be back among the connected:)

Timur said...

I'm really impressed by your blog and spend here more time than ok..
i mean - thank's a lot.
one question.
this recording and the one, which theebradmiller has, are the same (i don't speak about the sound), i mean the contest. but you have different dates. where is the truth?

wassonii said...

Hello Timur. Nothing is true, everything is permitted:)
Both dates have the exact same set list. And they did indeed play on the separate dates. There are, though, subtle differences in each song, as well as in each track's length. I actually had to take a moment to listen and cross check before writing this as I hadn't compared them in awhile, but that's the truth as far as I can hear.
Take care and you are welcome. I'm glad you like the blog.

timur said...

hi wassonii.
returning to the comment.
yes, the same setlists etc, BUT i can't believe that jhon said the same words after bang bang: nancy sinatra - we love her. and also, it's hard to imagine that both days the public laughed the same after that words.... and the phrases after - they are absolutly the same. so...

wassonii said...

Hey there
I guess I didn't understand fully what you meant by "contest" which I supposed meant "content", but anyway...
The source material to which i have access lists and labels these as 2 recordings separated by date, the 24th of October being posted here and the file marked 25 Oct appears to be the same as the one posted at TBM. As a matter of fact, I got a copy from Brad and compared the 2 25s and found them to be exact. What I didn't cross-check were the 24/25 of the set I have. What appears to be the case is the same show with two different tapers. I have no verification of this. I assure you what is at TBM is a different set of files than what is posted here. I know CSO is coming out eventually, so maybe we wait to see what's on that and to corroborate either date.
Thank you very much for sleuthing on this. I won't trouble mon Unkle about it, but will see what I can find out elsewhere as all recordings, save those from the Live Box, are fan-generated.
Cheers and let me know if I can help any further!

timur said...

Ciao, wassonii.
sometimes it's so stupid to be a russian - you mix all the words you know. be sure - i meant content...

well, i commented on this just because i've downloaded both recordings (your and tbm), and i find them the same, but yes: they have a little diference in sound because the tapers (i supose) were different.
will be realy glad to know the exact date(s), so also waiting for cso appearance.

p.s. this word - sleuthing - it's really fun :)
p.p.s. thank you for such an operative reply. and please - continue blogging.

wassonii said...

Timur, there is no time when it is stupid to be a Russian, or alive - "man is a bad animal" to quote Gysin. And language is (at it's current evolution) like a tenth generation cassette. Thank you for even reading, let alone listening. For some of these sets, I haven't given as deep a listen as I should have liked, so thank you, too, for getting me off my proverbial ass:)
The last missive from Unkle sleazE was that attentions would be paid toward the release of CSO after touring and before he leaves the compound as posted at
Take care of yourself and though sometimes there are many moons between posts, it ain't over til the fat lady sings:)

timur said...

buon giorno, wassonii.
well, there are some times, when you just don't know how to explain your ideas - and it gives you a horrible feeling of... for me it's rather easy to call it "stupidness" :))
when a new message from the good unkle will find you, be sure to send him thanks, respects and love from me ;)

take care and thank you.