Friday, September 21, 2007

Black Paper excerpt

The Vortex Vault

Black Paper, being the first release(December 2006) of TVV, has Liles paired with Kenji Siratori .
The Vortex Vault is an ambitious undertaking by Liles, seeing a new release each month from Dec. 2006 through to November 2007. Though the sounds are culled from his archive of unreleased pieces , each submission of the Vault is new unto itself, with a wide variety of influences and collaborators. It is, though, the man himself who shines as a master artisan/craftsman.

Andrew Liles

Each of The Vortex Vault releases are limited to 300 and may be purchased either at the Liles Site or from Beta-lactam Ring Records.
I first encountered the musicks of Liles when I decided to go out on a limb and purchased The Dying Submariner/The Dead Submariner from Beta-lactam and I haven't looked back since. (earlier in this blog I had posted The Dead Submariner thinking it was OOP, but thankfully it is still in print(and hence removed) and available as the above-mentioned Double CD from BlR. Look for an excerpt from each soon)
This is, to date, the shortest (30 minutes total length) of The Vortex Vault pieces, but speaks very well to Liles ability through collaboration to draw the best out of those with whom he is paired.
As this is still in print, I am only including two tracks in the hopes of turning a few people on to his work and thereby helping to increase the numbers of enlisted fans.

Barometer i

Barometer ii

Full tracklisting:
Barometer ii
Black Paper
Barometer i
Time Machine
Barometer iii

More excerpts to come from The Vortex Vault.
Even if you don't care for these tracks, understand that each in this series are varied and different from one another. Check out BlR as excerpts are there as well. Hell, just check out Beta-lactam Ring for the heck of it. I promise that their label releases offer many and varied artists and their mail order catalogue expands to other labels and artists, too.
You have been informed:)

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