Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coil Live La Lieu Unique 25 March 2001 Nantes, France

Coil Live Wiki

Coil at Brainwashed

Coil Proper

What was happening in Coil News 2001

La Lieu Unique (currently their archives are UC)

Higher Beings Command
Amethyst Deceivers
Titan Arch - What Kind Of Animal Are You
Blood From The Air
I Am The Green Child
Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil


Thank you F for making this available to me and to Sleazy for approval.
As per other Coil Live posts, Colour Sound Oblivion is due at some point and any of these performances will be removed should they see their inclusion on that release.


leftoverking said...

nice bloggin' there wassonii.

wassonii said...

Thank you kind sir. Hope all is well!

dance of the fetus said...

Thanks for this amazing collection of Coil live-recordings.

wassonii said...

It is absolutely my pleasure. I do urge all to keep an eye out for Colour Sound Oblivion, though, as those recordings will far surpass any archiving herein.

armeur H said...

Now I'm livinh near the Lieu Unique, but at this time, it was impossible to me to go to Nantes and see Coil ! It was a great deception. Thanks for sharing this !

Anonymous said...

As I am downloading this I am listening to Ghent... My goodness Wassonii you have quite the library. Very nice posts.

wassonii said...

Thank you, but it is only through the kindness of others that I have been able to even hear these and with the approval of Sleazy to share here. I do tend to have a one-sided preference for the sounds of Coil, so it's nice to know it's appreciated:)

noïzykaa said...

I was there! The most incredible live I've seen in my life (the first and the best french live of Coil for me) with an exceptional and hypnotic final track with bass and stroboscop... Wow! Many thanx for those memories! :)

wassonii said...

Thank you for the flashback:)
I hope, then, that this will be one of the dvd shows on CSO.

Anonymous said...

Whats the story behind the photo? It looks like a tattoo on the side of somebodys head. I recognize the design but it's the placement that puzzles me. Is it someone you know?

wassonii said...

It is actually me. I sent a pic to Jhon and Sleazy shortly after getting it done (some 12-13 years ago). A little scruffy with a very poor digital camera, so I will be taking a better image for inclusion herein at some point, but tis my skull.

Anonymous said...

Blimey! Kudos is well deserved here. When I was inked (many years ago) most tattooists wouldn't do heads or hands for fear of contravening council licensing guidelines leading to men wandering around with diy SNIKS tattoos on their foreheads, thats all changed these days thankfully. Who did the deed for you?

wassonii said...

A fellow by the name of Phil Colvin. When he did it, it was in Atlanta, Georgia and he was moonlighting as a Dead Elvis impersonator. He has long since moved to Miami, Fla. and to the best of my knowledge still resides there. For the record, he started a rendition of Giger's Baphomet on my back but I didn't get back to him before the move. By itself (head/no body) it's still a very nice piece, mostly lines and subtle shading.
The only body parts from which he would refrain were faces and feet and I think fingers, at least not the first and second digits, though close to the knuckle seemed to be ok.
And thank you.