Thursday, September 13, 2007

Music For The Horse Hospital

The Horse Horse Hospital
Brainwashed MFTHH

From Brainwashed:
"Music for the Horse Hospital
Current Ninety Three David Tibet . Maja Elliot, Joolie Wood, Julia Kent April 8 - May 4 2002
Nurse With Wound . Steven Stapleton . Colin Potter . Sounds from the Horse Hospital April 8 - May 4 2002.
Originally sold at the Stapleton/Tibet art exhibit at the Horse Hospital museum between April 8th and May 4th of 2002. "Salt" was later expanded into the full-length release, Salt Marie Celeste"
An unfortunate caveat:
wma at 192
Still, two quiet and moving pieces.


TheeBradMiller said...

An absolutley beautiful recording. Many thanks!

wassonii said...

My pleasure. Regardless of the format (about which I am chagrinned), I really like the meditative qualities of both tracks. I can well imagine the effect in the gallery surrounded by Stapleton's and Tibet's artwork.

Jorge said...

Thanks for the Current 93 track.
I can't find the link to the NWW part. Am I dumb ??? :o)

wassonii said...

No Jorge, I am.
The top pic link is fixed.
My apologies.

Jorge said...

Thanks a lot !

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

This is a great release, one of the better Current 93 bits. The NWW track was developed later into the incredible Salt Marie Celeste.

And thanks, by the way, for the nice comments on Sparkle Pony. Most appreciated!

wassonii said...

I tend to prefer the more meditative C93, but that Salt... Stapleton and Co. are masters at their craft.
And always, Princess, your site is a joy. I always leave smiling:-)
Thank you!