Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coil Live - La Locomotive, Paris-FR 23 May 2004

Available on CSO

23 May 2004 La Locomotive Paris, France


The Gimp (Sometimes)

Sex With Sun Ra


All The Pretty Little Horses

Tattooed Man (The Dark Age Of Love)

Teenage Lightning (10th Birthday Version)

Wraiths And Strays

Black Antlers (Where's Your Child?)

This version of Wraiths And Strays was on the original cdr pressing of Black Antlers , replaced on the rerelease with WAS from Mutek. I prefer Jhon's vocals here, to be perfectly honest.

A powerful set, to say the least. Certainly more impacting with video.

A huge thanks to F for the access to this one and to Sleazy for permission to post.

As usual, should this set be included in Colour Sound Oblivion, I will remove it from this blog.

Enjoy! (I know you will:-)


Industrial said...

First of all, thank you really much for all the wonderful Coil shows you are putting here.

Just a thing : it seems there is a problem with the concert at the Locomotive, the second part is not working. Does it come from me or is there something wrong with your file? Would so really like to hear it, because I was there.

You can also check at (I'm the author of the thing).

Eric Duboys.

Anonymous said...

Can you be a bit more specific regarding the problem with part two? Does the file not open or does it open and not play? Does it only play part of the file? Does it jump or stutter?

Industrial said...

Well, I've got a message from my computer (a MAC) saying that an error as occured when I click on the RAR (or ZIP I don't remember) archive. The file appears but there's nothing inside.

Does it help?


Anonymous said...

OK. Make sure you download both zip files into the same folder before opening the first one. Both zip files must be present before opening.

Industrial said...

Sadly, it's the same thing.

Maybe it comes from here : the files are not zip but rar. Don't understand why the first one is OK and the second failed.


wassonii said...

I've left them as .rar files, though changed their makeup. Rather than letting the program divide the file, I have made the separate files. Let me know if this helps at all.
Be well!

Industrial said...


Thanks a lot. Remebering this wonderful night in Paris (I was backstage!).


RPM said...

Hi W… I am using a Mac and have the same trouble as Industrial. I only end up with tx 1-5. Sound quality is excellent! Please fix it for us Mac users!

wassonii said...

You are most welcome. Sorry for the earlier links, but I am very glad this worked out.
You are very lucky to have witnessed this set live. I've a vid (Thanks F:) that although it's fucking amazing, probably pales in comparison to the real deal.
Any remembrances from the evening?
Be well!

Industrial said...

Sure I was lucky. What a day...
My initial idea when coming in the Locomotive during the afternoon was only to give to John and Sleazy the typescript of my book about TG and related paths. But, they were so charming and kind that in the end I was present during the soundcheck, backstage, etc. I even eaten (no, not broccoli) with them and Black Sun Productions. A nice moment.
The show was really great, powerful and beautiful. Unforgettable. I think this concert will be in the Colour Sound Oblivion set, because there were 2 cameramen (an old guy from Gong!, and Bernard Philipetti, ex leader of a french group called Art & Technique, kind of french Cabaret Voltaire at the beginning of the 80's). They have filmed everything, even Coil walking in the streets or at the restaurant (maybe I'm in... would be funny).

Do you know when this incredible boxset will be released? I have seen Sleazy in Berlin during the TG events for the New Year's Eve 2005-2006, and he told me that the thing was on good way. But well, it was now almost 2 years ago...

Just another question : how do you catch all these live shows? From Sleazy directly?

Step by step, with your blog and few other ones you are certainly knowing, I've got almost all Coil concerts (51 - and I think I got something like 40 now!). So thanks again.

Best to you.

Eric Duboys.