Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coil Live Tavastia Klubi Helsinki, Finland 21 October 2002

21 October 2002 Tavastia Klubi Helsinki, Finland
Sine Waves
Last Rites Of Spring (and William Burroughs is hallucinating in space...:)
Are You Shivering?
Amethyst Deceivers
A Warning From The Sun
I Don't Want To Be The One
Bang Bang
An Unearthly Red

Coil Live at Wiki

Strange and Wondrous (and no, this isn't the last;-)
As always, big thanks to F for the access and Sleazy for permission.
If this set appears on Colour Sound Oblivion (and I would love to have this set mastered proper-like) this post will be removed.
A seriously good set, this one.


dick said...

Thanks for another great post! Part the second is being troublesome though. Have download and opened it tried twice to extract it only to have it fail; anyone else having issues?

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with the second file. I've downloaded it twice, and I keep getting an error when I try to extract it. I'm using 7-zip. Pt.1 worked just fine.


wassonii said...

I haven't got time just now to doublecheck the compressed files, but I will after works. Haven't used 7-zip. Did use winrar to compress, though.
Be well.

Anonymous said...

Folks, jump to Brad Miller, he has another Coil live as well!


Fat said...

Being a Mac user I don't encounter such problems BUT it might be the case that both parts of the zip download have to be opened at the same time or at least they must both be in the same folder (whilst still compressed) when part one is extracted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, five years now since I went to this gig, and I can still find the recording online. Thumbs up.

jukka.salovaara said...

But, hum. It says it requires a password. What do I have to do to get one / how does this work?

wassonii said...

The only password that should be involved is the one for free rapidshare use. Otherwise, there is none of which I am aware.
Please let me know of (hopefully no further) issues.
be well!

MV said...

Thanks for posting this set. I did not make it to Tavastia back then but this post makes the pain go away (or makes it worse).

wassonii said...

Bittersweet, for sure.
My pleasure?:)

Anonymous said...

The file does not exist anymore, can someone please upload it again?:)

wassonii said...

It has been reposted. Let me know if there are any others that you need from here that aren't on CSO.