Friday, October 19, 2007

Coil Live Palac Akropolis Prague 27 October 2002

The other part of Live Four

27 October 2002 Palac Akropolis

I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)
Last Rites Of Spring
Are You Shivering?
Amethyst Deceivers
A Warning From The Sun
The Universe Is A Haunted House
Polish Poem (Intro To Ostia)
Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)
I Don't Want To Be The One
Bang Bang
@ 192


Coil at Brainwashed

Coil Live Wiki

A particularly reflective set.
I kick myself for not putting more effort into seeing these men live. Too few opportunities in the US. Nothing here now but the recordings. As always, a great deal of thanks and appreciation to F for making these available and to Sleazy for permission to post.
Though Important has announced the Ape Of Naples Box with Backwards, nothing further yet about Colour Sound Oblivion. As with the other live sets, should they or this set be part of CSO, they will be removed from this site.

That is all for now.
Be well.


H. Melissopoulos said...

Hi Wassonii, Would you like to upload Coil Discography with me? No EPs or singles, just the necessary!

Give me an answer in my blog, please!

Anonymous said...

Is this the last of the live coil? It's a pity you've finished with one I've already got!

Thanks once again for all the previous uploads. It was nice to see that you'd checked with Sleazy.


davID said...

Wow, ask and you shall receive. Thank you very much for posting these shows. Any chance you can track down some of the final shows (Dublin Electronic Arts Festial - 10/23/2004 or Ocean - 7/25/2004) I'd love to here either of those some day.


wassonii said...

As for Dublin, there is no access to it and I hope and pray to all gods and goddessess for its inclusion in CSO. (oh please, oh please, oh please)
As for the Ocean set, I do not possess it, unfortunately, but perhaps CSO?
I'll keep putting these out as time allows.
The mutations and permutaions of sound is stunning.
Hope you like what is yet to come, too.
Be well!