Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stereo Wastelands Excerpt

Available from the inimitable Beta-lactam Ring Records
Hope you like. If so, please support the noble Nurse and this fantastic label and purchase this title.
More stuffs in a bit.


Anonymous said...

Wassonii...where you been man!!! It's been 13 days.
Nice post, I have this one. If any of your readers/downloaders are on the fence on this one, download it!!! This is a brilliant release. Re-works from the "who can I turn to stereo" CD (which is one of my all time favs!). Brilliant release from an awesome label. Beta-lactam Ring is a wonderful label that includes bands like NWW, Edward Ka-Spel, Waldteufel, Earthmonkey, and Volcano The Bear. Plus the owner is a really cool guy!

wassonii said...

Been learning a new set of tasks as I switched gigs. Hope all is well.
This disc is only 25 bucks so I'm more of a pr role with this post. For the friends of the Nurse that don't already own it, DEFINITELY worth every cent. I second the coolness factor re: BlR. Always a pleasure to deal with and timely responses!

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

BLR also has it available as MP3 downloads for the budget-minded.

This is a pretty fun record, but I found that you can't really return to it much. I'm a NWW completest, and both this one and "Rat Tapes" seemed a little like Steven Stapleton "phoning it in", if you know what I mean. I remember thinking, "He has GOT to retire that Who Can I Turn to Stereo drum-loop."

Thank goodness that, since then, he's released sublime collaborations with Diana Rogerson and --holy cow!-- Faust. But I was a little worried there for a while.

Holly said...

Hi there! Thanks for this!