Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chagrin, SOTW Tracklist Corrections, New Posts in a Minute

1, 2 the same
3 Red Skeletons II
4 Anal Staircase (Dionysian Mix)
5 The Spoiler (lp version)
6 Protection II
7 Keelhauler
8 Rush (Black Sun Mix)
9, 10 the same

Sorry I'm just now realising that gaffe. This is correct, though.
I'm sure no one out there works in theatre, but suffice it to say that regardless of all the preparations involved, moving the set downstage 6 feet meant oh so much more.
Have had load in this week. Very much unlike vacation, but keeps me away from here all the same.
Soon: Part 2 of SOTW, more cullings from JB's Cassettes, odds and ends.
In the meantime:
Totally Fuzzy Bonga Modern Klezmer JuJu
never a dull moment alice rabbit odd bits carnival of headache
beware the blog


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