Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cups In Cupboard

AndrewLiles & Tony Wakeford
From discogs:
THE WARDROBE(Tony Wakeford & Andrew Liles)
'CUPS IN CUPBOARD'Released: Oct 2005
Genre: Electronic Style: Experimental, Ambient
Notes: Limited edition CD of 500 signed copies
(Currently OOP )
1 MothBalls (3:56)
2 The Unopened Brown Envelope (2:45)
3 A Mercurial Character With A Spice Of Idiocy (4:57)
4 Lost (1:36)
5 The Smell Of Paddling Pool (8:46)
6 Swishing Stick (3:10)
7 Arcade (5:51)
8 Lake And Tree (2:50)
9 Wind In The Willows (7:23)
10 Windows (2:58)
11 Cups In Cupboard (2:17)

Review at Brainwashed by Jen Warren
excerpt re: A Liles
"The art of the sound collage and drone music has a group of key members. Mirror, Christoph Heemann, Andrew Chalk, William Basinski, and perhaps just a few more are known and loved and create music that invokes images from other worlds; be those images frightening, sublime, or esoteric, it is impossible to deny their visceral impact. Andrew Liles has been added to that list of elusive and wonderful musicians"

I have come into the musicks of Liles as of last year. I thoroughly enjoy all of the Liles I own. Strange, familiar - he plays his own instruments, except where noted and then manipulates that sound, folding in found sounds and happy accidents. One of his latest endeavors is part of Beta-lactam Ring Records Black Series. From Dec. 2006, Liles is releasing a cd a month for twelve months. Check THAT out. 15 Questions w/A. Liles
Wakeford I know of through DIJ and Sol Invictus. Don't always dig the SI, but the Wakeford/Stapleton release "Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish" was good!. Haven't heard it in many moons. Wayyy OOP, that one.
The way in which Liles is such a good collaborator is really quietly spoken in this piece. 320.

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armeur H said...

andrew liles is great ! He's touring with Stapleton. I think I will see him at the Paris Concert.
If you have more of him (or some nww sound like "bright yellow moon", "spiral insana" or "hunder perfect mind"...)