Thursday, May 17, 2007

Scribble Seven

A Liles, C Potter, Scribble 7

From Brainwashed NWW Live
June 2006Scribble Seven
Live US Portland, Oregon
Sabala's at Mt. Tabor
Steven Stapleton Colin Potter Andrew Liles Matt Waldron Freida Atban Stan Reed Vic Shukla
Supported by Colin Potter Andrew Liles Green Milk From The Planet Orange Orbit Service. Second Scribble Seven performance
neat article from Portland Mercury Dec. 2004 preceding a Stapleton artshow.
please note: above image is, I believe, not from this performance. If anyone could point me to images from the Portland gig, I would appreciate it. Same goes for images inside zip.
I did not attend. A kind bird made this available somewhat recently.
If anyone reading this has an opportunity to see any of these artists perform live, GO TO'T.
Supporting these types of sounds benefits us all. Buy these guys' albums. They are all so varied, you pretty much can't go wrong. Off the soapbox.
Also, not my original recording, so 192. (But I sure am thankful for it!)


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Wow... this is unbelievably good.

I notice it includes a segment with Diana Rogerson singing "Flowers Must Die" by Ash Ra Tempel, and that's also included on her sensational new CD which you absolutely must purchase immediately. I got it yesterday and I've been listening to it almost non-stop.

wassonii said...

Durtro released a promo mp3 of Ashfelt a couple of months or so ago. Beautiful. Thanks very much for the heads up. Her contributions on Soundpooling, too, work very well

gomonkeygo said...

Love your blog - thanks for the Thighpaulsandra and all! And for adding me to your links, that was a pleasant surprise. You're on mine now, too!

wassonii said...

Thank you. It was time.
It's because of such fantastic stuffs such as your own I'm here.
Thanks for the Burroughs and all the vignettes!