Monday, May 28, 2007

Live St. Peters, Preston, 1 October 2004 (Torch Songs Bonus CD)

I purchased Torch Songs for the Liles and stayed for the Coleclough.

"The bonus disc to this double LP of two heavy 180g Vinyl records sees him in live action at the “Intergration 3” festival, a concert which incidentally also forms the backbone to some of the tracks to be found here, and documents how he starts with the sounds of various outwardly unspectacular objects and slowly changes their timbre and functionality in a process which takes them into a mysterious yet never depressive space."

Info on this date from Andrew Liles News:
1st October 2004
Intergration 3
St Peters Arts Centre, St Peters Square, Preston
Andrew Chalk · a rare solo performance from this member of Mirror. Jonathan Coleclough & Geoff Sawers · duo performance of a new piece combining live music and live video. Andrew Liles · solo performance from 'the last alchemist of experimental music.'

from the art of memory: (regarding Torch Songs)
"this is another truly sublime drone album from the master jonathan coleclough. there is not much to say about it, i think describing this kind of music is a bit like talking about the air, i just wanted it put on the art of memory (blo)ssoming (g)oat because it is such a great thing."


the art of memory said...

thanks for the link,
it is a great album, he has just been putting out classics lately.

wassonii said...

thank you for a great site.
i haven't put needle to vinyl yet, but wanted to share this piece. brilliant!

the art of memory said...

i wish it was a cd, i get nervous playing $40 records, and have only listened twice, but it is really beautiful, much much better than the bonus disc.
have you heard the murmur and lethe discs?
i really like the submariner disc as well which i noticed you listed.
thanks again, will keep an eye on your blog.

grasp, release said...

Thanks for this post; I've gotten less mileage out of Liles' body of work, but still feel the need to hear it as I can...Coleclough, however, is something very special for me. Though I've only listened to it a couple times, the collaboration with Lethe, SLOW HEAT (iirc), a double-cd, is very, very fine, exceptional, even better--to my taste--than the very consistent and mysterious work on TORCH SONGS. Ok, thanks for your blog!

wassonii said...

i have yet to hear the lethe or murmur. thanks for the heads up!

museum of imaginary histories said...

hi. many thanks for this. it's truly stunning music. the more i hear by coleclough the more i want to hear.