Sunday, May 20, 2007

Song Of The Week (When You Listen To Coil...)

From Brainwashed Coil FAQ:

"What were the Songs of the Week? How can I get them?
Song of the Week was a series of MP3 songs given away free from the website. Unfortunately some people decided to abuse that free privilige by redistributing them.
That led to people obtaining the songs w/o the disclaimers posted on the site which clearly stated the feature would be removed if people tried to sell the songs on CD-Rs instead of give them away.
People are still trying to sell the CD-Rs, so if you see them, demand the songs for free, since they got the songs for free. "

"Why doesn't Coil simply release all the Songs of the Week?
There's an issue of Quality Control that Coil like to have with their own music. Many of the featured songs were things in their early stages, unmixed, unproduced, unreleased or abandoned.
Lots of those songs will resurface at some point in more polished Coil-friendly versions. Coil have become popular over the years for their quality of music and to release something of unfinished nature wouldn't be much like their style. "

Song Of The Week (When You Listen To Coil...)

01 Pre-Original Chaostrophy
02 pHilm (vox)
03 Anal Staircase (Dionysian Mix)
04 The Spoiler (lp version)
05 Protection II
06 Rush (Black Sun Remix)
07 Keelhauler
08 Red Skeletons II (also referred to elsewhere as "Stoned Circular III")
09 Static Electrician
10 The Dark Age Of Love (w/Marc Almond on vocals)
part 1 part 2

Please note: When these were originally put out for consumption, they were 128. here at 320. Hope that's alright.

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Loki said...

excellent... i have most of these already but the few remainders will complete my collection... cheers