Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wall Of Sacrifice

Personnel : Douglas P., David Tibet, Rose McDowall, Boyd Rice, Nikolas Schreck, Andrea James, Jan O'

1. The Wall of Sacrifice 2. Giddy Giddy Carousel 3. Heilige Leben 4. Fall Apart 5. Bring in The Night 6. In Sacrilege 7. Hullo Angel 8. Death is a Drummer

According to Douglas, this title has been out of print for over a year and it's rerelease is not imminent. A good addition to the many sounds and masks of Death In June.
Originally released in 1989, this edition was remastered and released through Tesco 2003.
Wiki has this to say.
Per Brainwashed, "This album was at the time thought to be the last Death In June album. It marks the first collaboration of Douglas P. with Boyd Rice of NON. The track "Hullo Angel" was also recorded for Current 93's "Swastikas for Noddy" album. "
I know what I think, but did a search for info and thoughts regarding this album. Here's a fair assessment from a not-so-avid fan. For me, as intimated in a review at discogs , this is an in-between album regarding songwriting and styling, with some of Douglas's good dark pieces, and some of his best neofolk songwriting (for lack of a better description - I mean, in my opinion, he kinda was at the forefront of this sound.), which foreshadow his coming albums. It was limited to 666 copies on lp when initially pressed. Not for all, but worth a listen. A must for the fan currently without. While some of the tracks on this album appear, too, on Discriminate, the versions aren't necessarily the same. 320
P.S. DIJ has offerings at itunes. Don't know exactly what, but fyi.


Dualtrack said...

If I'm not mistaken, "Hello Angel" is a Morrissey song written for Sandie Shaw

wassonii said...

I wouldn't doubt it, though I was under the impression that this was one of the Jim Jones hymns Douglas twisted about.